The i-on Compact kits came with a variety of devices in a single box for starter-level security residential and small commercial properties The installation comes with a control panel and batteries included for each device.  The instructions are clear in that the unit must be installed and maintained by qualified service personnel. Most of the installation required limited knowledge with the use of wireless technology but does require to be connected to the mains which have the potential of electric shock.


Contents :

  •         20 Zone wireless control panel
  •         Three dual technology passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors
  •         Slimline magnetic door/window contact
  •         External siren
  •         Two-way keyfob
  •         Variety of installations manuals



Techie spec:

  •         Suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662:2010 at Grade 2 and environmental class II.
  •         Suitable for use in systems designed to comply with the requirements of EN50131-3 at
  •         Grade 2 and environmental class II.
  •         Compliant with the requirements of EN50131-6:2008 at Grade 2 and environmental  class II.


Control unit:

The control unit is the central component of the alarm system. Inside, it contains the processing unit, power supply and standby battery, which keeps the alarm system operational during a temporary power failure.  The module is a wireless intruder panel with built-in keypad that can allow for 20 radio zones.

Entry level 20 zone wireless intruder panel and burglar alarm.


Passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors:

The kit comes with Three passive infra-red (PIR) which are fitted to a wall or corner of a room which detects movements or body heat within a fan-shaped area up to 12 meters in radius


If the intention is to have the PIR in a place where a pet may be present, the pet-tolerant motion sensors are strongly recommended as they ignore movement low to the ground and are available by selecting the option with a “PT” on the end. Suitable for animals up to 25kg.


The Siren is an external siren and with a strobe unit design.  Radio communications are used between the siren and the control unit, which means that no fixed wiring between the two is needed. The external siren  can be viewed as a visible deterrent with a 100dB sound output in the event of an alarm trigger,This has to be installed within the radio range of the control unit/expander (max 500m in free space).

Two-way key fob

The key fob is used for set / unsetting the system or provides feedback on the status of the system if set on exit etc the keyfobs can be programmed to enabling devices to be controlled locally; e.g. garage doors that can be opened and lights switched on.


The installation required the connection to the Mains network to the unit which as stated in the manual required to be installed and maintained by qualified service personnel. The kit is supplied with excellent instructions for each of the components to install, the location of each item is a key consideration prior to actual installation with a site survey recommended.

Optional extras.

Additional devices can also be added to the kits including IR Barriers for perimeter detection and Camera’s to provide visual verification of alarm events.


The Kit comes complete with all the necessary parts to provide standard residential installation. Most of the installation can be done by a handy DIY person familiar with following instructions, drilling but may require expertise of an electrician to establish the mains power connection on type of cable used, fuses, hazards etc. The Kit while advised easy to install does take time in terms of location of units, setting up etc. This cost of the unit is affordable to get a quality brand of alarm system into a property without the need for hard wiring of cables throughout.  Advanced features can be added in terms of additional camera can be connected or connected to the cloud to manage remotely with a mobile app available to monitor remotely. If the intention is to use where a pet is around the pet-tolerant motion sensors are strongly recommended.

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.