The Tp-Link Kasa KP303 is essentially a smart extension lead with 2 additional USB ports. So you can have 5 devices using one plug with 3 of the devices being able to be remotely controlled and 2 always on USB ports (shared 2.4A) There is also surge protection which is always a good feature to have in case of a electrical surges from short circuits. It also has the ability to be controlled from anywhere either by using the Kasa App installed on your smart device or via voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant. Liam Burke is here to tell us more about it. 

The wired cable is exactly 1 metre long its good that there is a possibility to mount the power strip using  screws (holes are approx. 4mm diameter) and also soft pads on the rear to raise the power strip off the surface its on.

It was a very easy setup, install the Kasa Smart app, sign into your TP-Link account (Just in case the app cant find the power strip check that your routers 2.4 GHz has been enabled.) Click the Add device button in the Kasa App, select Smart Plugs 🡪 Smart Power Strip (Make sure its powered up) and hey presto the app should find it and you will be able to enable/configure the plugs in no time at all.

Once the Kasa app has found the power strip, you get a list of 3 plugs in your smart plug list, from there you can configure and control the operation of each of them, the initial screen allows you to quickly control each plug..


The next option is Schedule, where you can enable the individual plug to either power on or power off at a certain time or at Sunrise or Sunset.

The next option is for a timer for a plug where you can set the plug to turn on/off at a user specified timer.

I like the Away Mode as it would be a useful feature when your going away so you could attach some lights and a sound source to the power strip.

The last time base option is to define a schedule of when you want to turn on/off during specific days.

And finally there is an option to define scenes which is basically a quick way to do an action for specific plug/s, once you have a scene defined if you have the power strip added to Alexa/Google, you can can just say “Alexa turn on (your scene name)”

There also option in the device settings to reorder the names of the plugs, enable/disable the Status LED on the power strip.

If you have an android phone you can use a Kasa widget to turn on/off plugs which is a nice way to control a plug without having to go into the app itself. 

You can never have enough sockets and usb ports in a house and with the added the smart capability of the power strip, it makes a great addition to any household.

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For more specs see the below link

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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