Coronavirus has been in the news some weeks now and you may have seen the videos and so on of where it originated from (Wuhan) which is not for ones with a weak stomach I might add. Now things have got real and this is worse than the SARS in 2002/2003 virus and WHO have declared a global emergency which does not sound good but it also means we should not be too complacent about it either.

There has been a case now confirmed in Northern Ireland but the biggest issue right now is containment of the fast spreading disease, I am not a health expert by any means but it is a good way to keep track of things with the live map released by John Hopkins CSSE.

Again realtime data is another thing to keep in mind with how accurate the information is a it has already been claimed by some nurses it is worse than it is and that begs the question on the construction of new hospitals in China and what information is being fed into the system.

Get access to the Map HERE and you can pin to your homescreen on your smartphone,tablet or laptop as a bookmark if you want to keep an eye on it, The Data sources are WHOCDCNHC and DXY.

The map is interactive and shows total deaths and total recovered and you can hover on any sight indexed with a red dot to get more information of that region. It is a great idea in the longrun and it is an option for those who want to keep up to date on how this is spreading.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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