First look at the Logitech Master MX 3 and quick comparison to the MX 2S #Logitech #Tech

I have been using the MX 2S for the last few months and from moving from using my laptops and their trackpads be it on the go or at home this mouse does not leave my side as in enhances your speed and productivity and the ability to customise it just makes it better.

The new MX 3 has arrived and I look forward to seeing what this can now offer over the MX 2S and we take a quick look and comparison in this video,there is some subtle differences between the two and this time around we have USB-C charging and you can charge this guy up for 1 minute to get 3 hours of use which is really good.

Any questions in the meantime feel free to ask and check out our 2S REVIEW ..



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