There is a wide variety of dashcams on the market today to suit all pockets be it cheap and cheerful and 4K options but in this field you typically get what you pay for but again this differs per brand. With Nextbase you get a good product no matter the price even if it is at the lower end which this one fits into.

Setup is as simple as ever however this one is not touch screen has a simple UI with a watered down software version of its superior yet easy to use and navigate, You can check out all this detailed in the video below and how to setup.

As mentioned this is not a touch based dashcam it is all manually controlled with simple well marked keys and easy UI ,You have your power key menu and mode on the left and behind those on the side your Micro SD card slot and on the right you have your up/down and OK key which is used to select a menu and navigate through it. An in typical Nextbase style you have the nextbase button which turns red to start recording footage on the go which you can then find on the device or when plugged into your PC to access files to share or save,there is no app compatibility here so no fussing around in that department. You also get intelligent parking mode to notify you of any bumps etc whilst you have been away from your vehicle,this is a handy feature.


Overall if you are new to dashcams you will find your way around with ease to use this, Given the quality is down to 720 footage here it is still good and reliable footage which can be used in any case given catching something special or just catching an accident on the fly once you hit the record button the file is saved and you have your footage at hand, this is on the cheaper end but a more reliable well known brand and it is worth the spend over sub 50 euro cameras because of the quality and assurance you have the footage and it does not get corrupted as is often the case in cheaper dashcams.

The 122 fully establishes itself as the standard entry-level Dash Cam, with improved 720p HD recording on a 5 layer glass lens and a 120° viewing angle, making it ideal for the younger or first-time driver. With free cloud video storage at, be assured your footage is protected to a secure location. Our eyes on the road, your mind on the journey.

Key features: 720p HD resolution at 30 fps, 2” high-resolution screen, 120° viewing angle, free cloud video storage at



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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