Projectors are now a big thing and I have tried and tested quite a few now and also own some and plan to convert the entire house to just projectors in all the rooms, It takes away that central focus point in most houses and given the screen estate on offer it also saves on space but when we are talking about watching actual content on such devices how does this pan out? Well this will be different for everyone one due to the make and model of projector you have and what your own personal set up is like at home.

You can sit this in your sitting room or you can fix it permanently on your ceiling it is up to you how you set things up and how and if you plan to move it around the house, size is another matter here that needs to be considered as they can come in all shapes and sizes,some can be quite large and some can be rather small but for now that is how it will be until the tech comes better to scale down on the size front here but again this is brand dependent and what you are willing to pay to own such equipment at home.

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For my personal use case this is for watching films,streaming and gaming and also perhaps looking at images, you have multiple connection choices here so there is no shortage on getting access to display your content to a bigger audience on a bigger display. You can use this in other situations such as presentations or in an office for example.

One example that is important for some is portability with a projector and one I recently reviewed was the GVI which is an excellent little projector but has less picture quality compared to the one we have tested out and you can see this in the video review below from a quality perspective but nonetheless it is still a great projector with lots of function built in without the need to have a smartphone connected all the time to use it.

Check our hands on footage sample and UI in the video below for more information and details on how this can easily replace your TV at home or even in the bedroom and see what to expect from the picture, The video might not do it justice as with any similar recording but from where I was sitting it is impressive stuff and worth looking at if it is quality and a true to life sound experience you are after with connectivity options.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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