Rocketbook, maker of the popular endlessly reusable Everlast and Fusion notebooks, announces the availability of their latest product that’s launching whiteboards into the digital future: Rocketbook Beacons. The four restickable, reusable Beacons convert a dry erase surface into a smartboard by pairing with the free Rocketbook app. Beacons allow users to capture, organise and broadcast important notes and diagrams on any whiteboard or wall surface in real time, and share them to their favourite cloud services. Rocketbook Beacons are available now at for £15.99.

“Remote teams are increasingly common, yet with all the communication options available, not being in the same room when there’s a brainstorm, lesson, or active presentation can make collaboration difficult,” said Jake Epstien, Co-Founder of Rocketbook. “We created Beacons with this in mind and, like Everlast, set out to bring something really commonplace into the digital future. The live Snapcast feature is especially unique and exciting, and since some of our best ideas come from our users, we’re looking forward to seeing how they put Beacons into action.”

With Beacons, capture and share perfect whiteboard images with a team of people in an instant. To get started, place the four Beacon quadra-triangles in each corner of a whiteboard, or preferred writing area such as a chalkboard or projector screen. Write as normal, and then use the Rocketbook app to capture content. The Rocketbook app recognises the Beacons and connects to the whiteboard – even from steep angles – and then automatically crops content to make it even more crisp and vibrant than on the board itself. Rocketbook Beacons are made with micro-suction technology, specially designed to stick to whiteboard surfaces that won’t deteriorate over time like other sticky adhesives.

Users can assign up to seven shortcut symbols within the Rocketbook app to easily blast notes to several cloud destinations including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, Slack, email and more. Simply snap the whiteboard, choose the destination, and share content instantly. To save even more time, write a file name between hashtags (e.g. ## Brainstorm Session ##) on the whiteboard, and the Rocketbook app will automatically save the image as that file name for easy searching.

Snapcast mode in the Rocketbook app takes the digital whiteboard even further, enabling collaboration in real-time. To start, open Snapcast mode, and share the unique URL provided in the Rocketbook app. A private, real-time page is then updated each time users scan the whiteboard. Users can also prop up a phone to face the whiteboard, and set the app to auto-scan every five seconds for easy, ongoing sharing of live, easy-to-read content.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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