Launching today, SmartMicroOptics’ DIPLE is a first-of-its-kind advanced microscope kit for smartphone or tablet, which provides up to 1000x magnification and unprecedented image quality, all at an affordable price. With a durable, modular and truly portable design, DIPLE can be used for fun, education or even research purposes. Available from just $40, simply position your smartphone or tablet over DIPLE to learn about, study or explore the microworld around you like never before. We will have our full review very soon here on techbuzz..

DIPLE’s key features include:


  • Power: Unlike other portable microscopes at this price range, DIPLE is an ultra powerful microscope reaching magnifications of up to 1000x without experiencing pixelation, rivaling far more expensive microscope set-ups

  • Compact and durable design: The lightweight, compact kit can be taken anywhere, making DIPLE fully portable. Its unique, patent-pending design is also highly durable, with the metal objective lenses themselves capable of withstanding drops from 10 meters (33 ft) without issue

  • Modular: With the modular design working with all shapes of tablet or smartphone, you can continue to upgrade DIPLE with future releases, or use specific parts for your own optical improvements

  • Professional: DIPLE was designed and created by a spin-off company of the Italian Institute of Technology, a government institution known for its excellence in scientific research and technological development. It’s also been tested by top professors, doctors and researchers from some of the most prestigious institutions and hospitals in the US, UK and Europe


Andrea Antonini, CEO of SmartMicroOptics, explains, “We’ve been developing DIPLE since the incredible success of Blips, our first Kickstarter campaign and our first venture into microscopy. We felt we could push the magnification even more than we did with Blips, and wanted to create a more powerful, portable and affordable product. After over two years of development, we’re so proud and excited to finally be bringing DIPLE to Kickstarter, and for backers to be capable of discovering the fascinating microscopic world all around them.” 


DIPLE’s interchangeable lenses come in three different real magnifications: DIPLE Red at 35x; Grey at 75x and Black at 150x magnification. With the added digital zoom of your device, this allows for further magnification, resolving details all the way down to 0.7 / 0.8 microns for DIPLE Black. DIPLE also offers two different methods to handle your slides under the microscope, depending on your preference, with a Standard (manual) or Fine (mechanical) stage.


DIPLE is available to pre-order on Kickstarter, with prices starting from just $40 for DIPLE Red, with the most powerful system, DIPLE Black, containing all three lenses costing $120.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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