First look at the C9-DV personal security camera. #Tech #Security #Cams

The C9-DV is a personal security camera of sorts from BANGGOOD but has more functions on offer than you might first think, It is indeed a personal camera yet can be used in other scenarios such as home security,go pro type use and more and it is small. This is a good idea in fact and it is very flexible as to what you can get done with it and again affordable which is an important factor for many people out there today.

We will be checking this out in the coming weeks and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the interim in on our usual spots.

1. Special design Wearable Body Camera, clip on your bag, stick on any surface.
2. Capture Video HD 1920*1080P MP4 H.264.
3. Three modes of video recording, timing photography and mobile detection
4. Automatic video recording.
5. Alarm recording and continue recording.
6. Mobile detection sensing.

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