Recently I have checked out the Kasa Spot indoor camera which has all the mods and cons for your typical indoor security camera and more and it is quite discreet too compared to others on offer and fits well anywhere. This time around we are going outdoors with the KC 200 which is on another level yet kept simple and works on the same app as before and we go through all this in the video review later on. Below is an unboxing of the product if you have missed it.

The outdoor camera is robust as seen in the unboxing yet it is a wired affair which might not suit some but with many outdoor cameras today most are wired but there is some available wireless but this can be an issue due to WiFi and house builds and so on so a wired option is still a viable solution but may require you installing outdoor plugs and so on.

Depending on your personal requirements you could use this indoors if you have plugs nearby with existing cables going through the wall or door frame for example which is similar to what I have and the cable reaches from your final fixed point of the camera. This works for me as I have several arrangements in my house but the only nag is you might find is you may need longer cable you can just buy some more and attach as required it is not that difficult to setup.

Mounting the camera to the wall is simple and requires a drill and you get the fittings needed to complete the job and after that and it has been mounted you are good to go and have it set up on the app you are sorted and job done.

The camera is great as expected and works really well with a myriad of options in the settings to suit your preferences as there is different set ups required in different areas and everyone has a personal setting due to where you live and the activity in the area and so on, One common issue I have is birds setting the cameras off but you can adjust to kill off some of the false negatives in the settings, We go through this in the video review below and you can also see day and night footage of the setup too and how good the quality is which can be again adjusted to save space but I still recommend you use the best quality for the best footage you can get. I have seen plenty of camera footage up on social media and I may of well be looking at minecraft for an image which is no good to anyone.

  • Compatibility – Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Voice Control and IFTTT;
  • No Hub Required – Works with any Wi-Fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.
  • Ideal for the dark mornings and evenings for securing property

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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