First thing you need to know this is a beast by that I mean in size and weight and some might go as far to say the price.. It is not cheap but it does offer massive screen size if you have a wall big enough which enables enhanced viewing pleasure and not only that it is simple enough to use. The remote is a bit scary looking with all the keys but I found using the navi pad on the projector itself easier to use,there is lots of use case scenarios here this can be used in but my review is on home based use which for most will be HDMI based technology.

I tested this with my laptop,gaming consoles and USB and it works a treat, most of us will use the same at home especially HDMI connected products, Gaming is fantastic on this and it really changes how you look at it and play.either turn your speakers up full whack or put some headphones on and you are in a different world playing this on a maxed out wall as you will see in the video below..

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This is going to need space depending on where you plan to put it and its heavy. This is not a short throw projector so it needs to be spaced and again you need to test run it before final installation especially if ceiling mounted. Once all that is done you are good to go after some adjustments with focus and so on and of course cable management.


  • PRO-UHD 4K-enhancement technology with advanced pixel-shifting
  • Full HD, UHD BD, and HDR support
  • 3LCD technology and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of up to 2,600 lumens delivering vivid colours
  • Frame interpolation and Detail Enhancement for smooth fast-moving action
  • Fully motorised optics: Powered zoom, focus and wide lens shift for flexible positioning
  • Large screen size – up to 300 inches
  • Incredibly long lamp life and easy installation

You can stream high-quality 4K content to the projector from smartphones, games consoles, Blu-ray players and more by connecting via HDMI to the 4K WiHD transmitter. I tested this on smartphones, TV,Gaming consoles and laptop Blu Ray is a thing of the past for many but I wish I had one..

Check the video below for more..

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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