Pure Telecom, the Irish high-speed broadband and telecoms provider, today announces the results of a survey, which found that traditional TV viewership is declining as younger generations choose internet-reliant video and streaming instead. The nationally-representative research*, carried out by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom, also found that Irish consumer spending on video streaming will reach €454.6M in the next 12 months.

As more streaming services come to the Irish market, consumers are being offered a wider range and greater volume of programming. As a result, just 20% of Irish adults now view the TV licence as better value than streaming services. Some 57% think streaming is better value than the TV licence – increasing to 73% and 66% for Gen Zs and Millennials respectively – while 23% are undecided.

These results come in today just after the announcement of the way the licence fee will change in the coming years and how change is coming as we now consume more media from our smartphones and tablets and a #mobiletax is what I am going to call it will be introduced. We are now in the era of subscription based products like Netflix for example and I think this is the way forward in 2019 and the coming years rather than have a licence fee forced upon us we should be able to choose the content we want to watch and not have this mobile tax forced upon us, I heard Dee Forbes today on the Radio discussing how change is required to make things sustainable and for me and many others they need to look closer to home rather than force a levy on customers and perhaps look into Pay Per view or like I have said which many people like is a subscription based model.

One can argue about publicly funded content but the flipside of this is what the public want to watch and not have a fee forced upon us if we don’t chose to watch it, We live in a democracy and forcing a fee on consumers is far from a democracy end of story. We pay tax on our electronics when we purchase them as it is. There is younger new talent out there too which RTE need to look at since they speak or reform and give other’s a chance.

Pure Telecom’s research suggests that internet-reliant content is closing the gap on broadcast TV. The average person spends 17 hours 21 minutes watching broadcast TV per week, compared to 14 hours 3 minutes spent viewing content sourced online. However, that changes to 10 hours 9 minutes of TV versus 21 hours 12 minutes of online content for Gen Zs; and 14 hours 8 minutes versus 16 hours 10 minutes for Millennials.

The research found that Galway and Longford residents are the heaviest consumers of online content, watching an average of 18 hours 20 minutes each week. This is closely followed by those living in Kildare (18 hours 16 minutes) and Louth (17 hours 59 minutes). Those living in Roscommon spend the least time viewing online content, watching 7 hours 16 minutes per week.

Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom

Commenting on the findings, Paul Connell, CEO, Pure Telecom, said: “There is a growing global appetite for sourcing TV and video content online and Irish consumers are no exception. That trend is particularly pronounced amongst the younger generations, who have grown up alongside technology and are used to having services at their fingertips.

“Consumers expect the convenience that online content can offer such as high quality on-demand, on-the-go viewing; they want to watch what they want, when they want. High-speed broadband is crucial for this, as it ensures viewers get a seamless service without any buffering or quality issues. As broadband plays a greater role in people’s lives, it is essential that both urban and rural areas have access to the fastest, most reliable internet and that is something that we at Pure Telecom are very committed to providing.”

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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