Over the last few weeks I have been using the Skullcandy PUSH and Venue and they have not disappointed me and delivered on quality and sound and they also look neat, Now I have had some time with the all new INDY true wireless and its time to talk about those.

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The INDY are an approach to Airpods which are overpriced rubbish in my book even the newest pair from Apple are the same albeit they offer wireless charging and new chip but they dont deliver on sound or volume I have them out via a friend of mine and just like their last pair for the money they dont cut it.

The INDY are similar to the recent Urbansita Stockholm I  reviewed and work quite similarly to them in many ways keeping things simple and another thing they stay in your ears which is important and also coming in at half the price and looking minimalistic.

The charging case that comes with the INDY is on the larger side compared to others I own but this is no big deal plus it offers three extra charges for your convenience so for those on the go this is welcome plus I like the design and the branding on the lid. You also get some LED lights to let you know your charge status.

The fit is good, solid and should not fall out they did not for me the gels that come with them give a decent seal too from the outside world but nothing compared to overheads or like their VENUE  but these pencil shaped earbuds as they are dubbed are never quite going to match overheads anyway but when compared to others they do a good job on fit and comfort. You do not need to use these extra gels by the way but they are there if you want a more secure fit.

The sound on these would be considered on the bright side and not much bass in comparison to others but from a price point view they are on par with others the volume however is not overly loud which is how I like my music and it is hard to get earphones like this loud anyway given to what I have tested anyway plus I have other models on the way and will do a comparison test with them all in a few weeks time but I like them they do a good job overall but again remember the source of sound varies here and in particular with You Tube for example where I spend alot of time you can easily find 4/5 songs the same and the quality difference can be quite remarkable.

The controls are easy to use though you might take a while to get comfortable this is the same as many that offer the tap experience but they do work fine given the small area to touch you may end up missing them until you get familiar especially if its your first pair of such. Other than that you have the same as many offer now the volume up is on the right and down on the left with one tap,skip and reverse tracks is hold for 2 seconds either side for forward or reverse and play and pause is 2 taps on the right.

If you want to use just one as a headset or just to listen to music it will only be the right,it works on its on with the other placed in the charge case,the same does not apply for the left side this only works on the right side,calls work on both ears and pretty decent quality and that’s a win for many as calls only come through on one side with many similar offerings out there.

Overall are they worth the money? Well yes but there is better sounding ones out there but that’s just my personal taste compared to Airpods which are overpriced they are worth it. There is the cons of which is little with these one is NO EQ APP, DO NOT put them in the charge case without the gels on them because you will find it hard to remove being magnetic..Battery life shorter compared to some others but you still get around 16 hours on the go.

BUY  HERE  –  https://www.skullcandy.eu/shop/earbuds/bluetooth-earbuds/indy



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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