Hedkayse One – Now on sale.- The world’s toughest, safest and most durable bicycle helmet. #Cyclists #Cycling

The Hedkayse One is a foldable bicycle helmet with Enkayse technology. Using Enkayse makes the helmet much safer than classic polystyrene helmets as it is capable of withstanding multiple drops and impacts unlike the usual one or two before it starts to deteriorate.

So confident were Hedkayse in its new creation, they ran it over in a car (video here), threw it off a cliff (video here), jumped on it (video here) and it remained unscathed, demonstrating how it is virtually impervious to blunt-force trauma, hardly leaving even a scratch.


Easy to fold and carry in a bag and with tests showing that the Hedkayse One is much safer than other helmets on the market, it provides cyclists peace of mind in case of a fall and also prevents repeat purchasing of helmets after damage making it ideal for any bike lover.

Available for £149.99 from Hedkayse

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