When Google rolls out the algorithms, you feel apprehensive. Whether your site will be rewarded or penalized, you keep asking yourself. You all know about Google’s Mobilegeddon update and its implications. However, the update was beneficial for people and an essential step. It meant that only websites but also mobile apps featured in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Today, you will find 3.8 million Android apps and another 2 million in the Apple app store. Then, ranking your app in the SERPs is not as simple as it sounds.

According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, you need at least 5,000-10,000 downloads in a short span of time before your app ranks in the SERPs. Now, that means you need to generate enough traffic for the app. When you have just launched your app, you need to market and optimize the same for the SERPs. It will take some time, and will not happen overnight. You need to attract users through SEO, PPC, cross channel collaboration, and email marketing. Whatever strategy you implement, it should work to bear results. You need to attract as many visitors to your mobile app. That is the mantra. Here are three cool tips for ranking your mobile app in Google’s search pages:

  1. Use the right keywords

You use targeted keywords to optimize your website. The same rule holds when it comes to your mobile app. Why should it be any different? The primary search terms will tell users what your app is about and add value to it. Make sure you use the ideal keywords to convey signals to Google or other search engines and prompt app store triggers. Did you know that Google Play included a feature, of late, that broke down organic search data and displaying the number of app installations for each keyword? These details are not available for every developer.

You will also need to perform conventional keyword research to figure out the best search terms for your mobile app. Take some time out of your busy schedule and study more about SEO and mobile apps. You will find loads of information on the internet. You will need to use the keyword planner tool from Google to determine low competition search terms and high traffic. Besides keyword planner, you can also use other search tools. Make a list of the keywords; use them in the title, description, subtitle, and related fields.

Your job does not end here. You will need to monitor your app’s search term position and search traffic through Monitor Backlinks. If you are using the right SEO tactics, your app will rank at the top of the SERPs. Never clutter your title and description with search terms because that will not give you positive results. Make sure you employ all the best practices to help your mobile app rank higher in the search pages.

  1. Gather positive ratings from users

When it comes to star ratings or reviews, they help in sending trust signals to Google. You can learn more about how to achieve better mobile app ranking by visiting sites like scholarship link building service or similar ones. Did you know that Google also checks user reviews for search terms? Yes, it does. Therefore, genuine, natural and positive reviews will result in increased downloads. Always pay heed to ratings and reviews for better app ranking in the SERPs. However, you need to work a little hard to inspire positive reviews.

Improve your mobile app based on user ratings. Say, for instance, you have a restaurant booking app. People use it to order food online from the comfort of their homes. Then, if your app has navigation issues, payment failures, and code errors, users will leave bad remarks and uninstall your mobile app. Therefore, always design a seamless and user-friendly app for triggering positive ratings and reviews. If any user posts negative feedback, take it with a pinch of salt without feeling bad about it. Based on the reviews, you should try improving the future versions of the app. This way, the users who posted negative comments will change their ratings for the better.

  1. Improve the app’s CTR

If you are not improving your app’s click-through-rate, you are missing important downloads. People will not download your app in such a case. As far as CTR is concerned, it sends a powerful signal to Apple app store and Google Play showing that your app is useful, relevant, and worth listing. You might be wondering how to boost the CTR. Well, it is simple. Hire an experienced copywriter to compose smart, crisp copy for your mobile app. You will also need a designer to improve the images for your app. The CTR must be clear and enhanced for better ranking in the SERPs.

When it comes to copy, it should focus on the best five features of the app that will make users’ lives simpler. The point is how to benefit the end-users. Make sure you break up the content with lists and visuals. Keep the language short, simple, and easy to understand. The paragraphs need to be short and not walls of text. People scan content and will turn off if they have to read chunks of information for understanding what your app is all about. When you have optimized the product page, perform A/B testing to determine which components boost the CTR. If you are new to it, read and learn more about mobile apps, copy, visuals, and related elements that help your app rank higher in the SERPs. It will not happen overnight. If you follow the right steps, your app will experience multiple downloads and attract positive reviews.


Now that you know about these smart tips, start building killer apps that users will love to download. With more downloads and enhanced app features, your mobile app will rank top in the search pages. Google will reward your app with better rankings. Though this is not a comprehensive list, these hacks will prove beneficial if you follow them religiously.

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