Review – VRS “Surface Ring 360”. #VRS #Accessories #Tech

There is many types of similar available today but the quality alone on this accessory is top notch and products like this are becoming popular and some use these with no case at all or cases compatible being non fabric and gel or plastic backed cases including the range of cases from VRS which are really nice and look really well on your phone.

This is a simple product that is cheap yet effective in its task and looks well, Check out the images and video below for more..The main benefits here on this is quality and the angles you can set your device at compared to other offerings.. And the price.


– Stand by laying your mobile phone on a flat surface

– 360° degree rotation and 180° flip fold can adjust your viewing angle freely

– Protect from falling and the danger of theft



– Slim, Compact, and lightweight improve portability

– Simple design keep to your mobile device original features

– Dust can be removed easily with water cleaning


– Easy to attach, easy to remove

– Sticky residue can be cleaned easily by rubbing alcohol

– Compatible with any mobile device



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