Guest post by Luke Fernandez….No matter where you are in life — student, in-between jobs, executive, retired, etc. — it’s crucial to stay on top of your finances. Keeping track of cash inflows and outflows doesn’t require a keen eye or a rocket scientist, just time and effort. Now that everything is digitized, you can monitor your financial status without the headache of paper everywhere.


Receipts and bank statements are emailed, account information is available online, and smartphones allow instantaneous Internet access nearly anywhere. So you can easily attain your financial records, but how exactly are you supposed to track them? The answer is apps.


Scroll to the infographic below to see the best financial apps to organize your money in 2019, according to Wikibuy. These 21 apps are segmented based on the function they’re best used for. There are apps for overall financial management, budgeting, tracking expenses, saving money, managing debt, sharing expenses, and investing.

No longer will you have to let your finances spiral into a blackhole, never to be reviewed again. Nor will you have to painstakingly review bank statements and monitor spreadsheets. These apps will make managing your finances easy and, dare we say, fun.

Use tools like a calendar or color coding system to organize your spending. Some apps function automatically once you set it up. For example, Acorns automatically helps you save money by investing the difference between purchases on linked accounts.

Maintaining organized finances ultimately leads to a better life. You’ll feel less stress overall, and you can even begin saving up for your dream vacation. Read the visual below for the best apps to track your financial life in 2019.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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