Lifesum (, the Swedish digital health company with 30 million users, today announces the launch of its Google Assistant app, allowing users to log meals, water intake, and body weight quicker and easier than ever before – by simply using their voice. This news is for immediate release

Lifesum is the first app of its type to provide voice functionality for on-the-go, hands-free tracking, which is designed to provide users with an even greater understanding of their diet by encouraging them to log more of what they eat and drink, with more details of a meal to be inputted within the Lifesum app at a convenient time.

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The voice tracking capability, which works on a variety of devices including Google Home, Android phones and iPhones, is activated when a user says: “Hey Google, talk to Lifesum”, allowing them to track the following:

  • Meals and snacks – Logs both in a variety of sizes. Lifesum will provide tips based upon the size of the meal logged, e.g. suggesting advice on how to alleviate heartburn if a large meal has been logged.

  • Water – Track water intake by saying “Track a glass of water” or “Add three bottles of water”.

  • Weight – Update Lifesum with their body weight at any time, invaluable for those who want to lose, gain, or maintain their weight.

The company also announces the introduction of brand new daily Challenges, which are tasks presented to users based on their own dietary needs and targets.

To keep on track to hit their targets, users can vocally ask for an overview of their progress and be presented with the number of calories they have consumed that day, how many are needed to reach their target, their last recorded body weight, and their weight goals.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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