Argos has a large range of headphones for all pockets and ages and we have just tested out the new Jam Out There Headphones with ANC on board. On first impressions there would be aimed at younger teens or kids more so than adults but that is just my opinion on them. However the sound from these is excellent all round and the ANC built-in helps too but it is not the best due to the fact they did not cover my ears.

On a younger persons ears the story would be different as they would be smaller and fit more snug around them and my daughter tested them out and clearly seen the difference with ANC turned on. Also what is nice about these they are light and don’t sweat nor clamp onto your head and can be worn for long periods of time. From my personal view when it comes to sound they are impressive with a balanced audio experience throughout and you will not be disappointed.

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They are loud,clear and reproduce music well across all genres and have good bass too which can be adjusted via a music EQ on your phone or app should you not have one. Overall I would see these more fit for the younger folk who are custom to good headphones and can tell the difference with Audio and as for me I would certainly use them daily but the cups are too small for my personal liking and the ANC effect does not shine in that respect but other than that they are a solid pair of cans and have simple controls and call quality is good should you take any on them. To top things off they are also sweat and rain proof.. More than enough for that demanding teen..



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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