The Roccat Khan Aimo 7.1 Hi-Resolution RGB Gaming headset at first look was striking, eye-catching with the white headset and black box. The box contained oodles of logos and information on the front but lost the actual ROCCAT Khan AIMO logo with the colours, the box was large for the size of the headset but compact, not overly packed with manuals and documents.

Box Contents:

  • Roccat Khan Aimo 7.1 Hi-Resolution RGB Gaming (white Addition)
  • Information Document.
  • Quick instalment Guide

Roccat Khan Aimo 7.1 performance

The performance of the Roccat Khan Aimo 7.1 Hi-Resolution RGB Gaming headset was great-sounding

audio with smooth transitions of sound during gameplay and on your computer when listening to music. The Acoustics was very clear, excellent beat, pulse and blocks out most outside noises, the microphone was remarkable as compared to other headsets when players were talking, it was easier to hear the user.  The ROCCAT Khan AIMO is a comfortable fit after hours of gameplay, were most headsets would start to give of headaches, or hurt the top of your head due to no cushion at the top whereas this headset is particularly comfortable. When playing audio at a high level, practically no sound could be heard sitting beside the earphone.

 Range comparison,


  • Very comfortable during gameplay
  • Clear and smooth sound transactions during gameplay
  • The mic is not too long or too short like some gaming headsets where they must constantly be adjusted.
  • The mic is very clear when talking to other players on the headset.
  • Easy setup
  • Noise cancellation is very good even in very noisy places.


  • USB connection rather than a normal AUX cord connection. (No adapter supplied)
  • Buttons don’t work on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox.
  • Expensive without the dual option to connect to Gamers, phones, tablets



These are a distinguished set of headphones that have a lot of handy features, excellent noise block out, clear and comfort that brings the best possible gaming headset experience. However, they should just be for PC gamers as the buttons don’t work on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox, this is a disappointment and as are only USB, not AUX jack, with no a USB adapter supplied. They are a well-made headphone set with memory foam headband and earpads. they have strong steel sliders and felt like a reliable headset with a flashy looking design with lights.

These headphones would suit the likes of a PC gaming streamer, that require a flashy set of headphones, this is ideal for those that use the video camera on the gaming experience. Again, the noise cancellation is superb, they are not ideal for an office job on the phone because of the lights even though they are quite comfortable the lights are glitzy and would constantly distract other workers. The earphone has Hi-Res audio, premium hardware, excellent noise cancellation, extremely comfortable for extended listening.  This ROCCAT Khan AIMO allows you to get immersed in an environment blocking out a nosy environment with comfort for hours.

A welcome indulgence of audio balance.

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