Soon, families across the country will be grabbing their cameras to take the Christmas family photo that will be sent to families and friends, but you don’t need to be a professional photographer, or have the best camera money can buy to create the perfect professional Christmas card photo.

The professional photographers at Motif, which has just launched in Ireland, are here to give you some tips for creating the picture perfect Christmas card. The team at Motif has over a decade of experience of printing photos into amazing books and gifts:

Here’s the top tips on setting up the perfect photo from the experts at Motif:

Clothing: ‘Think about what your family should wear in the Christmas photo and try to have a single theme reflected the photo. But don’t go overboard and have everyone wear the same thing.’

Varying heights: ‘Try to keep everyone – including babies and pets – at the same height. Holding up a puppy close to your face will look cute and also stop your favourite pooch from running away!’

Lighting: ‘Make sure the light is in front of you. If the light is behind you, it creates unnecessary shadows – this is Christmas not Halloween.’

Props and decorations: ‘Remember that your beautiful Christmas tree and decorations are only props, and the true stars of the photo are your family members. Don’t fight with the decorations…’

Outdoor photos: ‘If you’re thinking about taking a photo outside, timing is key. With the days getting shorter, there are less opportunities to find great lighting. Later mornings and early afternoons are ideal, and don’t be afraid to take photos on a cloudy day.’

Poses: ‘Avoid false smiles, a photo can really capture the spirit of Christmas. Singing songs or telling jokes are great ways to loosen everyone up and get them feeling festive.’

Focus: ‘Everyone should have one point of focus, whether that be the Christmas tree, the camera, or the delicious meal that you’re about to sit down to. This ensures that anyone looking at the photo will be able to share the same sentiment as you and your family.’

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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