The Jabra ELITE 45e first look outside of the box, was a smooth and comfortable set of earphones, decent size not too small or not oversized with an impressive look to them. The new Jabra elite 45e is the new earphone that comes with a lot of great features such as an adjustable equaliser which gives you the option to customise your music settings to suit the user of the earphones. It gives you the option to lower and higher the bass, mid-range and the treble all from the workings of your phone. The Jabra sound+ app also has 6 settings for your Jabra elite 45 music pre-sets; the default, speech, bass boost, treble boost, smooth and energize which can all be changed to suit your style.

The packaging is quick and simple to get off. The design was a pleasure to open, nicely packaged inside and are only a matter of sliding the covers off to get your earphone. The packaging is eye-catching and great colour contrast with the brand name.

 Box Contains:

  • Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 12.4 x5.5 x18.66 cm
  • Jabra Elite 45e, Micro USB cable, 3 sets of Ear Gels and Ear Wings sizes small, medium and large, Quick Start Guide, Warranty and Warning Leaflets.
  • Ear set weight: 25.95g.

Warranty: 1 year (2-year dust- and water resistance warranty with in-app registration)

Certifications: Bluetooth® 5.0, CE, FCC, IC, RoHS, REACH


The earphones also have a 2-microphone technology that delivers a clear and smooth wireless performance, that will reduce noises like wind, other people around you in a public place, etc. when in a call to improve your conversation so they are clear.

When you download the Jabra sound + app you can register your earphones to give them a 2-year dust and water resistance warranty. The battery in the earphones will last up to 8 hours which is a long life for a set of wireless earphones. The earphones come with the charger cable (Micro USB cable) which is the same as older android phones which makes it easier for some people who have an android phone as they would tend to have more chargers like the earphone’s charger slot.

The newer Micro C charger cable would be good to have future proof for newer android phones. In the wire that connects the headphones, there is a very flexible memory for devices connected to the earphone set so it will remember them the second time around, so they will connect automatically instead of going through the connecting process again. The earbuds have a magnetic connection that connects them together which keeps them in place around your neck in a comfortable position.


Download Jabra sound cloud to get the full earphone experience; not necessary as the earphones will work through Bluetooth on its own.


  • The turn on and off button can also be used in different ways. To turn on hold down for 3 seconds. When pairing, hold the button for 5 seconds and the LED will shine blue. If looking to call the last person you called double, click the power button. To turn off hold for 3 seconds, the LED will shine red and the earphones will turn off.
  • The + volume button when pressed will higher the music up and if held for 3 seconds it will change to the next song
  • The – button will lower the music down when pressed once if pressed for 3 seconds it will go back to the previous song.
  • The call button will hang up and if held for 3 seconds will mute the conversation.
  • If the magnets on the earphones are put together the call will be ended and if music is playing it will be paused.
  • The earphones out of the box had over 50% charge. The pairing was quick and easy. This was aided by the voice commands which gave clear instructions. The earphones are magnetised, which can be put together when not using. This stops the music playing automatically saving pressing additional buttons on your phone.
  • It takes a second to get the earphones perfect in your ear but once they’re in they will stay in and are very comfortable even when doing sports activities such as running, gym workouts, etc.
  • They take 2 hours to fully charge and they last up to 8 hours. They are charged with a standard Android phone charger and they come with a mini charger in the box.
  • They have a noise blocker to ensure calls and music performance are not disturbed. This is the ambient noise reduction, (2-Microphone ambient noise reduction technology). Some other qualities about the Jabra elite 45e are the microphone frequency range-100Hz to 10 kHz, microphone sensitivity- 38 dBV/Pa, speaker size ⌀ 12.4mm, and speaker frequency range 20Hz to 20 kHz.


The Jabra 45e earphones are unsophisticated to use product (with an abundance of technology inbuilt) which is a pleasure to recommend even when compared to normally wired earphones and wireless earphones. The advantage it has against wired earphones is; if connected to your phone with wired earphones, the wire can drag and cause your phone to fall. There are also no worries about the wire inside the earphones connecting your phone being pulled apart, which is a common fault with wired earphones.  These are connected by wireless Bluetooth ensuring there is no need to worry about these things.  The advantages of wireless earphones is, if your phone is upstairs and you were listening to music and went to get something downstairs and someone called you, you can just answer with the headphones and talk freely instead of running back up to get your phone , Alternatively if your you just wanted to change the song of choice you can hold the plus or minus button to change the song.

The benefits of the earphones been connected without a cable is significance in the quality of use , the ability to connect to more than one device and to store up to 8 devices in the Jabra memory is impressive,  The Jabra 45e earphones are not the top  of the range of the Jabra range and lack the noise cancelling which is an exceptional feature in the top of the range models. The Jabra 45e earphones are a quality product, excellent audio, easy setup and use from a trusted brand leader. A champion product in the price range.   BUY HERE

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