The initial view from the box was very positive, made in England, contains a sound bar within the TV and has an abundance of sockets. The TV is an Android Smart TV, with a picture quality of 4K Ultra HD to match this positive view. The LCD TV is slim and light, suitable for wall mounting, with an air mouse remote control.

Package Contents:

  • 55″ Platinum 4K UHD Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV
  • Remote control
  • Instructions


  • Screen Size         55″
  • Android Smart TV             Yes
  • Digital Freeview DVBT2 HD
  • USB        USB 2.0 x 3 (2 Android, 1 TV)
  • Contrast Ratio    3000:1
  • Brightness           200
  • 4K Ultra HD         Yes
  • Max Resolution 3840 x 2160
  • Speakers             6 x Speakers (4 x 4ohm 8W sub-woofers, 2 x 8ohm 8W treble) max output 16W
  • Refresh 120Hz
  • Power   AC100-240v
  • Energy Rating     ‘A’ – 150 watts on working and 0.5 watt standby power consumption
  • HDMI    3
  • Inputs   HDMI x 3, Aerial, YpbPr, CVBS x 2, RJ45, 3x USB (2 Android, 1 TV) and CI inputs
  • Outputs               Digital audio out (optical)
  • VESA     400mm x 400mm
  • Dimension w/stand         W 1250mm x D 286mm x H 852mm
  • Dimensions w/o stand   W 1250mm x D 88mm x H 797mm
  • Weight 16.5Kg

Setup and use:

The initial setup was good seeing the UK as the default allowing a change e.g. Ireland easily changed and individual area listed. The option was given to search for terrestrial TV or cable channels. The smart TV set up, as with any new android phone is annoying, having to set up a Gmail account and go through all the usual accepting T&C.  The connection as with an android device was seamless without issues (connect to your router using the built in Wi-Fi). The updates required for apps which is now required for the smart TV are becoming a way of life but an annoyance to your TV viewing.

Once the TV was setup, the android features whether browsing the web or using a variety of preinstalled App gives the TV a complete new experience of viewing as if you had not used a smart TV before. The physical setup required 4 screws fitted to place the TV stand in place (the screws are a bit fiddley).  The setup is best to use a HDMI cable as there is no scart connection which is the current trend. All Cello TVs with MPEG4 technology can receive all TV channels in Ireland. Irish channels cannot be received in the UK.


The TV comes with an inbuilt sound bar, 6 x Speakers (4 x 4ohm 8W sub-woofers, 2 x 8ohm 8W treble) max output 16W that provide outstanding sound quality. The audio when used with Spotify was turned up to 30%. The audio sounds were enough to hear in a standard home, turning up to 50% was too loud to stay in the same room as the TV. The quality was not distorted at the higher level and appeared a better quality than other more expensive TV.


Air mouse remote control

The air mouse remote control comes like a wireless mouse plugging the dongle into the back of the TV and the remote worked (batteries were supplied). The remote had all the usual features but took a while to get used to the gestures to pin point exactly where you want to place the cursor on the TV. The digital TV often appeared a lag from changing setting via the remote control. The batteries in the remote seemed to drain quickly.

Warranty & Quality:

The Smart TV made in England would inspire confidence in the quality, but this Cello product comes with only 12-month guarantee protecting you against electrical and mechanical breakdown.  This 1-year warranty from an English brand is a disappointment. The quality while minor gripes can be seen on the USB socket, misaligned on the back of the TV. The rear label was coming off. The remote on occasions was erratic in use not always locations to the right part of the screen.

Android Smart TV

The 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV came with all the features you would expect on an android tablet, many of which are useful, in terms of ability to change the font size, but also comes with “the out of the box android features” location turn on or off. The playstore was on the TV with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Kodi, 4 On Demand, Netflix, Sky Go, games and social media. The TV was connected via Wi-Fi and allowed a new world of TV entertainment. The Android Smart TV required the usual updates which are seen on the android smart phones.

Screen Resolution:

The 4K Ultra HD Smart TV new high-resolution format with 3840 x 2160 pixels, as compared to full HD 1920×1080 px;. approx. 4 four times the number of pixels allowing the display four times the level of detail. Normal HD can still be played on the TV using your existing HDMI cable, (there is no need to change the HDMI cable unless running a long distance). The 4K is the future of TV pictures but there is limited content on the market i.e. for SKY you need a Sky Q 2TB box with subscription and can get UHD films on Sky cinema on demand and a selection of box sets. A lot of the premiership football and such as the F1 is also in UHD, after that there are limited channels. The screen had a tin cover around the side ensuring the picture covers most of the screen. The panel does not block part of the screen which looks respectable when compared to more expensive brands.


The TV came with 3 HDMI inputs for external devices & consoles, 3 USB sockets providing ample connectivity, and a Micro SD card slot (card not supplied) allowing storage for quick call up and smooth operation. The air mouse remote control is not my favourite remote, the standard Sky remote was used to watch TV.  The air mouse remote when used with the Android Smart TV was erratic, typing in details on the pop-up keyboard, works while positioning the remote to press enter on occasions was difficult. A recommendation would be to get a separate wireless / Bluetooth keyboard.  The audio quality while loud was a pleasure to use, especially in the movie mode given an impressive audio quality. Support is available from the UK via a UK number or dedicated ROI number which is a great positive.  The screen quality was impressive and worked well for Netflix without the expected buffering you might expect from a 55” TV. Overall this is a budget TV with a few niggles, warranty, quality of sockets but the viewing quality and audio is certainly a winner within the price range.

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.

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