Sudio have sent us their latest earphones to check out and like all their products these come well presented and offer great value for money with their build quality and to top it off sound quality at a good price with a premium look to them, The Sudio NIVÅ offer this too so lets check em out.

Unboxing the Sudio NIVÅ

Key specs 

  • Play time: 3.5h per charge
  • Portable case: Holds +4 charges
  • Earphones battery: 55mAh
  • Case battery: 500 mAh
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Range: 10 m
  • Driver: Dynamic
  • Siri function

These in-ear buds in the past where something I was not a huge fan of and prefered overheads but over the last two years I now like these kind of earbuds, For some though they still can’t adapt to them due to their ear shape or buds that come with it. The NIVA comes with three sets here which will find most people’s ears and the ones that came attached done it for me. Though this would vary per person and what they use them for.


In the box we get the usual suspects but the stand out part aside the buds themselves is the case they come in which is shaped like a disc or small tub which looks contemporary  if you will sporting a leather strap,easy to open lip and 4 small LED lights which act as a battery indicator.

Once opened you are presented with the earphones which mine are White with a rose gold button atop and these make them stand out and rose gold is now very popular and a trend with tech products.

The charge case gives you an extra 4 charges on the go which is excellent for the battery anxiety type so for commuters or fitness folk this is plenty to keep you going during a heavy day at the office or gym.

Pairing was easy and when i say that it is something I am use to but for newbies with a first experience of this type of earphone is just like pairing two sets first time as both are separate and when paired you will hear them saying right and left channels connected in each side there is also a small LED light on each tide for connectivity status etc.If you want just one side connected just do the usual as you would to set up by holding down the button and having your bluetooth menu at the ready on your device, I for example would use one for around the house or office for calls etc.

Sound quality here is great as expected though not LOUD which is my personal taste,there is no Volume control on these either but that’s no a major issue considered their size the only options on these is to play/pause,skip tracks and take calls this applies to both sides not just one.

The sound then aside from that is good though I did find some tracks tinny on lower volumes but you can adjust with your mobile phone to change the equalizer to your own taste and then all was fine but not as loud as some of their other products but that is my ears telling me that everyone has different experiences. Some might find the lack of volume control a boon but it means less fiddling with something so small and you can always use your device to do so which naitively I do more than the headphone itself so it was no issue for me being honest.

Sound overall with Bass, Mid range and treble is generally good all round and well balanced and crisp and noise isolation is also quite good with the tight fit, In saying tight fit I do not mean they are sqaushed into your ears they fit nice with the right buds as mentioned before. For the price they offer plenty for the average user though for the audiophile they might consider higher priced options like Jabra which have a range of similar earbuds for a better thump in sound overall but you cant complain here with the design quality and looks and what they offer in a package as a whole.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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