Remember Cosmic Watch? They have not gone away and if you have not seen this app now is the time to do so. The Cosmic Watch is a high quality simulation app that renders the earth and the sky in real time. It shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars from the earth’s point of view, telling the time according to the motion of the cosmos,not only that it has fantastic graphics and brings AR to the table.

Today there is great news for the app and Jeevan Ram is here to tell us about it..Jeevan explains what is new.

New Sky View: Point your phone or tablet to the sky and get a real-time look at the constellations, stars, and planets in space.

Events and Notifications: the Cosmic Watch calculates the next astronomical and time related events and sends notifications. Rise, transits and set times for the Sun and Moon, lunar phases, equinox and solstice, lunar and solar eclipses, daylight saving time

– New Solar System View: see the complete solar system, change between heliocentric and geocentric views

– New equatorial clock face: a contemporary and comprehensible visualisation of the 24 hours of the day.

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Using it as a clock reminds us that we are on a planet surrounded by a fascinating universe. Furthermore, the actual lunar phase, planets and constellations are shown to observe in our local sky.

The user can switch between the Sky, Earth and Solar System view, traveling in time and watching planetary movements in the past, present and future. Informative layers like names, equatorial coordinates, clouds and interstellar dust can be displayed. The new Sky view is an augmented reality experience.


The Cosmic Watch 2.0 has many improvements towards usability.

The new sky view to watch the sky in augmented reality helps you locate planets and constellations from your location. The reworked solar system view can be zoomed and switched between heliocentric and geocentric for increased educational value. The Cosmic Watch calculates important astronomical and time related events and informs via notifications which the user can customise.

The Cosmic Watch is a milestone in the history of astronomical instruments as it is the worlds first and most advanced 3D interactive astronomical clock of the digital age.

Unique features are the clock’s ability to show the concept of the celestial sphere and display the geocentric movements of the planets. The app is designed with exploration in mind, while stunning visuals fuel the imagination and provide inspiration to search even further.

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