The perfect companion for travellers has arrived: the Find.Exchange app finds and compares the best exchange rates for money transfer companies, travel money and soon, prepaid currency cards around the world – in real time. So wherever your journey takes you, you’ll always find the best rate and the nearest bureau. In an always-on world, it really can make a difference for everyone – from travellers, expats and students to businesses that are always on the go.

Money transfer made easy with Find.Exchange: Transferring money and spending abroad has traditionally been a minefield of hidden and confusing charges, and the volatility of fast-changing currency rates around the world adds to the complexity. With an abundance of money transfer options saturating the marketplace, users simply cannot easily identify the best deal for them. The app from Find.Exchange is transforming this experience. Positioned as the ‘Skyscanner’ of the money transfer world

Find.Exchange simplifies the process and finds the best rates by comparing banks, FX exchange bureaus, travel agents, post offices and online money providers and can, uniquely, provide direct live information from the merchant to the user – a vital component when speed and rates matter. It’s simple, easy, fast and does all the work for you. Taking the stress out of the travel money experience means you can relax, and spend the money you’ve saved on enjoying your holiday.


• Compare money transfer companies all in one place
• Find and locate Currency Exchange Bureaus with live up-to-date rates
• Choose companies that suit your needs easily with an elaborate filter system
• View live interbank exchange rates with the currency converter and live rates
• Create alerts so you’ll know when your currency reaches your desired rate
• Historical currency charts – track and compare any exchange rate pairs for the past week or month going up to ten years

• Over 160 currencies available for exchange

Top selling points:

It’s live: The easy-to-use currency converter is ideal for real-time live rates, analysing historical data, and creating alerts for specific currency pairs. Having all this in your hand, on the go, means you can stay one step ahead of the currency exchange curve and beat the ups and downs of unpredictable markets.

Its user-centric: CEO and founder of Find.Exchange, Ricky Lee was part of the founding team at Revolut and has architected apps for the major banks in the UK. His background is as a product designer in cross-border payments, gateways, FX and digital currencies – and his commitment to the user experience really comes to the fore in this app. With a user-centric approach, the app has a clean but fun interface that allows the focus to stay firmly on delivering on the promise: to find the best rates for you.

It’s convenient: It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s easy to navigate – when speed and rates matter, this is vital. There’s no clutter or gimmicks or flashy interface either – they’ve really worked to strip back the friction of a money transfer experience and make it a seamless journey.
It’s a next gen currency aggregator: Finally, a model for the money transfer world that is based on the ‘Skyscanner’s and ‘’s of the world.

It’s far-reaching: Find.Exchange doesn’t just cover the typical currency corridors – but the harder to reach currencies too. In fact, there’s over 160 currencies available for exchange.

The CEO – Ricky Lee was part of the founding team at Revolut and has architected apps for the major banks in the UK. His background is as a product designer in cross-border payments, gateways, FX and digital currencies.

Who they are – in a nutshell
Find.Exchange is an innovative currency comparison aggregator – think ‘Skyscanner’ of the money transfer world: they help users compare and save, based on their needs – e.g. best price, fastest speed, method of payment.

So what makes this aggregator more enticing and simply better?
Ricky Lee explains that they not only cover typical currency corridors however more harder to reach currencies as well. Also the volatility of exchange rates does mean that some services are going to be cheaper with some companies on some days and at different hours. Therefore while some might argue that traditional players like Western Union, Moneycorp or Moneygram… are expensive, this might not be the case, it’s a competitive market and Find.Exchange’s partners know this.
However the biggest difference is that it is simple, easy and fast, Find.Exchange does all the work for you.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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