Recently we were invited along with other tech guru’s to take part in a survey on what gadgets would be used on a daily basis with thetrustcompass and there is a pretty broad list here which is very interesting to see what people use, For people like me over time these products obviously change and true to form the selection has changed since we participated in the survey, Take a look at the extensive list below and see if any are similar to what you would use and tell us if you like what your daily tech drivers are.

1. Smartphones

This gadget is on top of them because, without a doubt, it’s the most used one all over the world. Thanks to the huge variety of smartphones available in the markets, spread over a vast graph of features and price ranges, anyone and everyone can afford to own a smartphone. The only obvious difference would the features and quality that the device offers, with more expensive models offering more functionality and vice versa. Apple, Samsung, LG and many more are some of the global leaders in the smartphone segment and have newer and more updated models coming out every few months. With a smartphone one can do a lot more than just make and receive calls – sending emails, viewing videos, watching movies, listening to music and so much more.

2. Laptops and tablets

Tablets are more or less a larger version of smartphones, and a laptop is a portable computer. There was a time when PC’s were extremely popular but, for the sake of mobility and convenience, most of us today prefer owning a laptop over a stationary computer. Tablets too are great if you’re working on sheets or want to watch a movie on a bigger screen. Some models even offer voice calling and video calling features. And with a laptop, you can work from absolutely anywhere, and that’s its biggest advantage and  if you are in need of devices being fixed also read more here at

3. Power banks

Considering the degree of usage for each of these gadgets, running out of battery can be quite a significant problem. And, if there isn’t a power socket available nearby, or you’ve forgotten to carry your charger with you, you’re in quite a soup. This is probably why portable power banks have become such a necessity because they make on-the-go charging a possibility.

4. “Wireless” devices

Headphones, speakers, televisions, keyboards, mice – all of these gadgets and more have become wireless. They basically use either wireless internet to run or use Bluetooth to connect to other devices to be used simultaneously. Not having wires us like a “no strings attached” situation, allowing you to operate these gadgets without having to physically connect them with anything else.

5. Cameras

The camera has seen a lot of evolution over time, with smartphones being integrated with top quality cameras, both front, and back. However, professional photographers who still want to use “actual” cameras have a large variety of professional models to choose from, and there are also waterproof recording devices like the GoPro that is amazing for travelers and photography enthusiasts to use.

6. Gadgets for grooming

Gone are the days when self-grooming was a tedious task. Today, there are a number of gadgets available for both men and women to use at home with ease, especially when they’re short on time or don’t really want to visit a salon on a regular basis. Electric shavers, hair styling gadgets, epilators and so on come in many variants and also with instructions to make their usage simple and convenient. Most of these are chargeable and pretty easy to clean too.

7. E-book readers

The Kindle has got to be the most popular gadget in this category, but there are also other devices and applications which allow you to purchase, access and read books on devices. While some of us still prefer books, many people consider e-books to be a lot less troublesome and easy to carry around, and especially easy to use while traveling or on-the-move.

8. Fitness related gadgets

The wave if fitness has hit pretty hard in the past decade, and everyone is sailing in the same boat. The focus is more on staying healthy, working out and keeping fit, which is a great thing. Hence, different brands have come out with fit watches, bands, trackers and so on which assist someone who wants to have full knowledge of how fit they are, monitor with ease, and also track progress.

9. Smart watches

Who said a watch was useful only to tell time? Welcome to smartwatches, another regular device that has the “smart” tag attached to it, which completely changes its features and utility. Answering calls, remote access, weather reports, even video calling; you name it and the smartwatch can do it and if it doesn’t yet, you can expect it to be added very soon.

See the full list of peoples choices which is very interesting HERE

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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