Smartwatch sales have gone stagnant to be fair and main contributor to this is the price that most mainstream manufacturers now command for something to throw on your wrist and something else to charge. A high price for a companion device is something most are not prepared to fork out for and this is why activity trackers are winning when it comes to sales but all is not lost and there is a few manufacturers out there that make decent cheap smart watches that are now getting popular because of the price, the price being under 99 euro or less is more appealing and just like smarthphones we are now seeing trends going both ways when it comes to price and the standard of cheap models are getting better just like mobile phones..

Gearvita have sent us over one of their smartwatches to check out and I have been using it a while now and think its great,especially for the money and that large clear display and robust build quality with the choice of colours and interchangeable straps its got enough for someone looking to try a companion device without hurting you bank account..


The packaging is nothing to write home about but the box itself is robust and its enough and again this keeps the cost down which is the intention here as a whole but some folk like to see presentation at top-notch but this time around it’s not and not really an issue but I do like good presentation but taking into account the cost element here its a small caveat.

Build quality is excellent here I must add. The body of the watch is tough made with plastic and metal and with metal prongs to hold on the straps which just clip into place and can be changed easily which adds to personalization something many of us enjoy. The straps are also tough along with its fastner.

The watch has only ONE button which is nice the rest is all touch and the touch screen is quite responsive which is a good thing I never had the need to tap more than once to get to what I required so I was happy with how this screen works which is important considered you have no other option to get to where you need to go through the menu which again is a simple easy yo use UI and nothing complicatied, The one button also acts as a wake up button to along with power on/off.

The speaker on the watch is actually decent and plenty aloud.This was the first thing people asked when I got this considering its a device on your wrist and if you will hear it. The problem here for me though is the speaker is on the left side I feel it would have been better placed on the right given I wear my watch on left wrist but people could hear me fine and I could hear them.



Nofitications on this are lighting fast and impressive which i really like although there is not much information at hand as a companion device is lets you know you have information,this after all is something you wear and wear it when you tend to leave your phone behind or if you are moving about. Calls,text or any other synced app will come through and more it really is handy here with what it picks up and gives you a snapshot on the screen. You might find it annoying though if you are sat with your phone and you have  busy social media accounts or emails for example but you can restrict access but this is just to let you know how good notfications come through.

You can manage calls from your watch too, A simple call and reject to swipe are there for call management,to make calls you simply open the dialler and diall away and the call will go as you would use your phone its pretty handy in some instances. In the phone menu you have dialler,phonebook,call history and messaging. You can see all the menus in the unboxing video.

There is a notifier app on the device so if you need to keep in check you can scroll through and dismiss at your leisure whats not important this is a central hub for all notifications which is great. SMS are fully supported and you can create and reply on the fly with the watch.

The remote menu is another option here, On this we have a remote camera BT music and anti-lost. The camera must be open on your device so in short this acts likes a timer if you will or getting yourself set up in a situation so you can manage the photo and be prepared for a shot be it with a crowd or set up you might have and this removes the need for a selfie stick too which is something i personally detest they just annoy me.

For music again you must have your music open and you get a simple remote displayed on the device to control the lot,you can skip,play,pause and also toggle the volume,this is all quite handy.

Anit lost will effectively help you find your phone, Once activated on the watch your device will beep really loud,this is like a keyfinder you might have in house and they simply went down the back of couch or something.




GV68 can monitor your heart rate, step number (as a pedometer), sleeping status (as sleep monitor), sedentary duration, and remind you to drink water. Therefore, it will help you form the good habit of life. It is no doubt that you will get a more healthy life style with the GV68 smartwatch’s working. Check out the app interface below which is useful, I would advise on checking heartrate to check twice as in most instances the first reading does be wrong.

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Overall this watch has plenty for the user who is perhaps new to the scene and did not want to fork out the silly money some companies are asking for their offerings,this is a fraction of the price offering plenty and more than just activity information this has much more on offer and the fact it is IP68 certified is a bonus. With a good build quality to boot and big face its not for small wrists but everyone has their preference but it delivers on whats on offer, It is something you will have to charge daily but for the price I would not complain with whats on offer compared to similr devices out there costing 6 or 7 times more.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.