I love my speakers and have a large collection here so I have a nice choice when I want to chop and change setups but for a permanent setup Edifier has been one for example in my house for some time and currently I have the M3280BT set up with my TV and so on and it sounds great, these Luna Eclipse speakers we have checked out have been placed either side of my corner couch and they pack some sound and they look different which is great and a move from the industrial design that’s common, They might look out of place but they are eye catching and look cool.


Build quality

These are solid and also on the heavy side but that’s not an issue and by saying heavy they are not like impossible to move around they are just heavy compared to similar out there which is not really a problem,these are the kind of speakers that you would leave in a permanent spot and they can be easily moved regardless. They have a piano like finish which comes in three colours, Red,Black or White which all look nice as a whole.


  • TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:15W x 2 + 22W x 2
  • THD + N:10%
  • SNR:≥85dBA
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)
  • TWEETER UNIT:Φ19mm silk dome magnetically shielded, 6Ω
  • SPEAKER UNIT:Tweeter/Mid-range: 19mm, 4Ω / 3 inch (82mm) 6Ω
  • DIMENSION:122 x 212 x 222mm (W x H x D)
  • WEIGHT:3.6Kg net | 4.15Kg gross

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The package comes with two speakers and cables and the ones connecting to each other are proprietary as the main features are on the Left speaker which are the touch controls which again are simple with on/off and volume again the same applies to the remote control that comes with the package its a simple affair with three buttons, On/Off and Volume, It’s really a simple affair all over which keeps thing simple just the way people like it.


Dual Base Radiators.

These are cool even to watch them in action and the same applies to the front which you can see below, Each of Luna’s satellites is equipped with a ¾” silk-domed tweeter and a 3″ full-range bass driver, together producing an impressive 74 watts RMS. This Bluetooth speaker also contains two 3″ passive bass radiators, maximising the bass performance. Luna is armed with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRP) technologies, minimising audio distortion even at the highest volumes



I have given these a good test on various volume levels and genres of music and it kept pumping out the tunes with no real loss of quality or distortion they pump out really great sound at all volume levels and don’t budge considered the volume level they have and the underside have a rubber foot so to speak to keep them in place as speakers tend to move on high vibration but these stayed in place on my shelf and on my purposely made storage boxes at either end of my couch.



Setting up is simple and seamless be it to your phone,laptop or TV it takes seconds and you are done which for me is a good thing as at times some take some time to set up this was an effortless sync to all my devices at home as I tried them in different environments but finally decided the corner couch would be their final resting place but that could change I also have my older system set up so with that and these combined I have a really great sound going on in the house especially when watching movies it’s really loud which is the way i like it.

My only issue with these is the connecting cable that comes with the speakers which is proprietary and this would be my only cause for concern should the cable get damaged but if you have this set up in your home and the cables are free from harm you will be fine, you can also plug your pc or phone into them via the audio connecting cable which will be in time a worry for mobile phone users as this 3.5mm socket is now disappearing on phones. Sound connected this way is also great by the way and I could not see any different connected wirelessy.

Overall I was impressed with their unique design and their quality sound and If these where placed all over the house ie having a few sets you would have some set up going on with a different look that sticks out from the norm. If you want to make them shine some more you can get additional stands which attach underneath they can be placed almost anyhwere..



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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