The Activi-T Band displays the time, directly synchronized with your smartphone is a fitness tracker that monitors your activity and sleep. When worn on your wrist,it lets you analyse your daily physical activity. During the day, it measures steps, distance and calories burned. At night, it monitors sleep duration and quality (awake time, light and deep sleep).The weight Net/gross weight 21/80g is extremely light often forgetting the band is on your wrist.


Contents:•1 x Activi -T Tracker,1 x large wristband –  1 x User ManualDIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: •Product Ø7.5 -6.5 x 7.5 x 2cm• – Packing 8.8 x 19.1 x 2.9cm• – Net/gross weight 21/80gFeatures: – •Monitor your daily physical activity -steps, distance and calories burned. – •Control your sleep -pattern, duration and quality – •Large OLED screen for monitoring the activity and time – •Direct recharge via USB without the need for additional accessories -•Vibrating alarm


We repeatedly refer to the dislike of manufactures using propriety chargers which can’t be used by any other product. The TerraillonActivi -T Tracker does not come with a charger or a charger lead but rather allows you to remove the strap from the lead and plug directly into any USB phone/ Laptop charger. This saves the hassle to carry a lead around with you. (this is a great bonus) The battery life is good at 7days (some sites refer to 10 days) and takes 90 minutes to recharge.


Wrist strap

The unit on initial inspection comes with a small wrist strap / band, an additional strap is included in the box with allows the unit to be worn by a larger hand. Removal of the strap is easy to fit the larger strap. Currently their does not appear to be a variety of colour straps available while the unit comes in various colours, two sizes are supplied, Activi-T Band adapts to all wrist sizes. Note: When fitting the band on your wrist this must be fitted with the charging site to one side,I.e.the button orientated to your arm and not your hand. The strap when fitted on your left-hand results in the Activi – T logo visually backwards, this is a paltry gripe.


Sleep mode on the band is achieved via pressing the buttonfor 5 seconds, this is recommended to again press the button for 5 seconds in the morning to switch to activity mode. This is not a welcome feature as required action on the user’s behalf. If this was automated this would be an improved user experience. The unit does not mention water / splash proof while the design looks at it could easily facilitate this option by coating the charger connect to prevent water damage.


The Terraillon range comes with a 2-year warranty which is great to see. Most of the support information is in French and translated to English. The Terraillon range includes, Bathroom scales, Kitchen scales, Baby care, Connected well-being Medical, Health and Kitchen Accessories.

The App

TERRAILLON, Wellness Coach app: A comprehensive breakdown of the app was listed previously for a TERRAILLON NUTRITAB KITCHEN SCALES The Terraillon Wellness Coach app is the same app which has a Bar graph of your daily physical activity, these also advise you to set your goals and get free advice scientifically validated to reach them.

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Its 3D sensor monitors your physical activity: number of steps, distance and number of calories burned. While you’re asleep, it analyses the different phases (deep and light sleep) and how long they last, and wakes you up gently by vibration.

This provides your own a”personal trainer throughout the day” number of steps, calories burned, etc. The essential information is continuously gathered in a chart accessible on your mobile device. The goals set/achieved is visible on thecurve of a graph, The tracker resets data on every night while the data is stored for 7 days until synchronized to your smart phone. Some mobile apps counts your steps and work from your smart phone but can have varied results as you don’t wear them at night, and potentially leave them on the kitchen table when at home.

Terraillon Activi -T Tracker monitors your level of activity and set new goals to be achieved. This has the positive affect of knowing how much / little exercise done clearly visible on the tracker or your smart phone. The Tracker Activi is seldom taken off,worn at night allowing consistence readings. The family range of Terraillon products all synchronise to one common app.Whether this is your first activity tracker looking for the functionality or looking to get serious with the complete range of Terraillon range, you can’t go too far wrong with this tracker or an ideal gift for some one important whether young or old.€60


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