This is a Kitchen scales which can be connected to your Smartphone using Bluetooth. The app allows you to Create recipes and dishes. This can be used to provide energy intake charts.  The First impression of the Terraillon NutriTab kitchen scales was heavier than expected at 972 g. The scales were designed and developed in France, the finish has a large glass platform with a full-sized LCD Screen which is great to easily view the measurements.  The Glass top is easy clean which is a bonus.  There is an anti-shock rubber ring for protection on the unit. Turning the unit on / off takes milliseconds with no delay in use.



  • Max capacity 5 kg
  • Min. capacity 5 g
  • Precision 1 g



  • iPhone® 4S and later
  • Android 4.3 et compatible with Bluetooth Smart



  • Tare function
  • Liquid conversion g/ml  (Press the M/UNIT button briefly to change the units: g , ml,oz,fl.oz ,g.)
  • Auto off function
  • Auto off
  • Timer



  • Product 26 x 16x 1.6 cm
  • Packaging 27.6 x 17.5 x 5.2 cm
  • Weight net/gross 627/972 g


 The App

TERRAILLON, Wellness Coach app

This has downloads of 1,160 with a rating of 2 out of 5. Unfortunately, I have a passion for ideas of this technology but would have to agree with the app rating which I have tried on a few phones. The help files within the app are written in French. The App requires access to you phone.  (what are app designers thinking of?)


INTELLIGENT WEIGHING allows you to Weigh the food, select it in the database and the application indicates the nutritional composition.



The NutriTab allows long-term tracking of your energy intake: calories and the five main Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) – Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and sodium. The 

scan function feature allows you to scan barcodes of more than 40 000 foods and display the energy values ​​of those meals





 The Brand:

The company was founded in France in 1946, By the 1970s, Terraillon S.A. made up over 80% of the bathroom and kitchen scales market. The product comes with a 2 years warranty against material and manufacturing defects. This is great to see the manufactures confident in the products to give a 2-year warranty.

 The Terraillon range does not stop at the Kitchen scales with options for Wristband activity trackers, Body fat analyser, Sleep sensors, Arm blood pressure monitor, these can be connected via the App and do a vintage Tradition 500. Other options –

 You are what you eat. If your one of those people that  on January 1st joins a Gym and 3 months later never going, then if you use the   Terraillon    NutriTab you can continue to use the Kitchen scales as a standalone unit without the phone app.

If you set your Goals and stick to them this is certainly a winner.  Analyse and improve your daily intake (calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fibre and sodium) via the graphics.        €80,00

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.