I have been using the Sony Xperia XZ1 around two weeks as a daily driver and my thoughts will be now shared focusing on daily activies and general use, check out our two other reviews on the XZ1 compact by Liam Burke and the XZ1 Compact by Brendan Lahert 

I have not used a Sony device full time in around 2 years due to the same design and incremental upgrades in that period,but this device for me is probably a better experience due to not using their last entries to the market though some might feel this is again an incemental upgrade to its older brother,given I have played around with them all using a device daily as your daily driver gives you the real feel for it and you can see where it shines througout.


Build quality on this device is excellent it must be said,its solid all round yet has a slippery back but this can be amended with a nice TPU gel case giving you extra protection. One thing I like here on this the device is how the power button/fingerprint sensor is recessed and not raised which we are use to seeing on devices or again often they can be flush with the siderail on the phone this stops accidental hits and more manufacturers should do this. This just leaves you with the volume toggle on the right and nothing else whislt on the left we just have the sim card and sd card tray which is level with the device.

The phone itself looks good and coming with Android 8.0 OREO out of the is a bonus too giving you the latest refinements on Android,this latest version of Android is pretty fast indeed and with the XZ1 running on a snapdragon 835 chipset its showed no signs of lagging throughout the test period, Coming with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage with the option to pop in an SD card you are covered with memory especially if you are one to take lots of photos.

The skin on top of 8.0 is though getting old and has its good an bad points but from using Sony devices before it was easy to navigate I do think they need to change their UI its becoming stale just like Apple and needs refinement but having said that it works fine and thats a good thing.

The screen is also great though at 5.2 inches we have a big chin and forehead which I dont like as more devices now are trying to loose this look Sony just like others are not waking up to the current trend but its only a minor caveat overall, the 1080p LCD panels might turn some off but in fairness to me its fine,colours do stand out..

The camera is good, No I am not an image expert either but I can tell whats good and bad for a point and shoot camera which is what many people desire this camera will not let you down in the right setting but low light again is something that needs to be looked at but this goes for multiple devices on the market no matter what they claim to do before launch its real life testing that gives the results. The camera on the XZ1 is quite good overall with a 19MP camera it shoots great videos and takes really good snaps,check out the images and video below..

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For general usage such as social media web browsing and email this thing flies along with no lag at all you can zip between apps easily and have many a tabs open in the browser and the same for multiple apps open at one time,this is something I like with a phone like this to be able to speedily move from one thing to another with no slow process as I find with some phones I am testing now this simply along brilliantly,effortlessly infact, its a powerhouse here and overall the device is powerful. The battery which is non remeveable is 2700mAh which is quite small today is not bad, I do however have to charge at some time in the day but I am a poweruser,the average person would easily see over a day and with USB- C charging and quick charging 3.0 on board we can top up quickly, We really need to get over the micro USB thing and do it quickly USB-C was something I did not like to begin with but eventually got the message and its of more benefit for all.


The XZ1 is IP68 certified ( Dust and water resistant) which is now becoming the standard so if you happen to drop in the loo or the pool you are covered but I would still act quick regardless if it was dropped.

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Sound and audio is also quite a pleasant experience here on the XZ1,there is a good bang from the speakers and also great sound from headphones,obviously this would depend on the headphones you would use but Sony always have been good in this department.

Overall looking at this device from an average users point of view you cant go wrong though the price is a little much outright i think, There are things to keep in mind, It has great build quality and is solid asides the slippy backing, It has big bezels but these are beneficial here when holding the device,the camera is great in daylight though the placement of the camera is a bit too near the corner and you can get your fingers in some shots,Battery is good but could have been better and the same goes for its industrial design which is now boring. Other than that I would happily let these caveats go and use this device full time wheras the compact version is simply just too small for me to use, this device is a performer overall and for anyone considering it given its price tag I would certaily recommend it goes into their shopping cart. If you get it on bill for a good discounted price and are happy with current plans well then just buy it.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.