To install a CCTV camera system the installer must be registered, via the Private Security
Authority, this would involve a site survey in terms of  a) Risk,  b) Contents  c) Building,  d)
Supervision levels.  Setting up of the Smart home security is easy and accessible to all. This is also affordable to install an alarm system DIY style.

A basic understanding of technology is required, while you don’t need to be an electronics / IT / Installation expert to setup. (or PSA registered) Another feature of the alarm is there is are no monthly fees or hidden costs required. (Except if you want to upgrade your package) Setting up this version does not require a Drill or a screwdriver to setup. (wire-free-set-up)

• Internet-connected smart alarm
• Instant alert notifications
• 8-hour battery backup
• Internal Siren
• Access from anywhere on your smartphone

Technical Specifications:
• Connectivity: 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45 connector) & mobile network (Plus Service
• Power Input: 100 – 240 VAC
• Power Output: 12V = 2A
• Device Capacity: up to 32 seconds & 8 remotes
• Dimensions: 157 x 157 x 30mm
• Weight: 365g
• Protect Hub -Central control for your Y-cam Protect
• Access Sensor Secures access points in your home
• Motion Sensor Detects movement up to 12m
• Remote Controls your Y-cam Protect system

Y cam app
The app got a 3.4 score from 570 with between 10,000 – 50,000 downloads. Support available at There is option to use with camera technology the burglar alarm has the option to connect this app with cameras but this version model tested does not come with cameras.

This app allows instant alert whenever an alarm is triggers. (if using the Expandable System with cameras you can also see what’s happening, day or night, from anywhere through your smartphone)

Alarm features include:
– Full access from anywhere via the app
– Really simple setup
– Triple Layer™ technology*
– 8-hour battery backup
– Expandable system
– 24/7-line monitoring*
– No contracts or monthly fees required
– SMS and phone call alerts*

Camera features include:
– Full access from anywhere via the app

– Really simple setup
– Free 7 days cloud video storage (30 days also available*)
– See and hear live and playback HD video
– Expandable system
– Indoor and outdoor protection
– See in the dark
– No contracts or monthly fees required

Y-cam Plus service required
Y-cam Protect smart alarm system with Triple Layer Security
Y-cam Protect is an option to provide Triple Layer, self-monitored, smart home security
system. With the use of compatible cameras this provided visual verification to any alerts. For
the Plus Service required for use of pre-installed SIM card and SIM antenna. To Access on a
mobile device an active Internet connection is required.

Optional accessories:
Y-cam Protect Access Sensor Secures doors, windows and access points in your property.
Part of the Y-cam Protect Alarm £19.99
• When connection is broken alarm triggers
• Includes Tamper switch
• Comes with 3M sticky tape to “Stick and Go”
• Really simple set up
• Expandable system, add sensors as you like

Y-cam Protect Motion Sensor Detects motion in your property Part of the Y-cam Protect
Alarm Price: £24.99
• Detects motion in your property
• 100-degree field of view
• Includes Tamper switch
• Comes with 3M sticky tape to “Stick and Go”
• Expandable system, add sensors as you like


A key feature of this kit is the Expandable System as the component supplied would offer a basic alarm system but limited to 1 door window switch and 1 motion sensor, Possible there would be a requirement to add in a back-door window sensor, or motion sensor to the system.

The system as tested worked but lacked the punch I would expect without expanding the system
to use cameras as when the alarm went off (set off by accident with a dog) I was unable to tell was this a fault or a real alarm. If getting the system possible look to get additional sensors and cameras. The setup is easy and saves allot of expense getting professional installation companies to fit. Support is available via London Headquarters if required. This comes with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Another feature of the Protect Alarm is Y-Cam’s ‘Triple Layer’ security. (To enable the ‘Triple Layer’ security you need to choose a package) This is provided in the form of an 8-hour battery backup should the power fail, internet backup should the mobile signal fail and lastly SIM card backup should the internet fail. So even if the very worst happens you will still get notified of an intrusion.

Looking towards the video storage is great as modern burglars would look to find the current storage system and remove resulting in some camera systems of little use, the cloud storage would prevent this resulting in a professional system at fraction of the cost of other systems.
Price: £149.99




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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