The Wireless Handy TV Speaker helps you enjoy your large screen TV with audio at the level right for you. This easy-to-use wireless speaker connects, and even controls your TV, allowing you to dial in a personalised volume level just for you, without disrupting other viewers in the room. And, since it is plug and play, it’ll get to work straight out of the box.


  • Wireless Handy TV Speaker (model name: SRS-LSR100) lets you bring your TV’s audio to where you are and boosts dialogue of any TV show for a more satisfying viewing experience
  • Compatible with virtually all modern TVs
  • Allows easy TV remote control thanks to a clear button layout
  • Works up to 16 hrs on a single charge

The Wireless Handy TV Speaker has proved to be very effective in enhancing the TV experience, especially when you’re hard of hearing – thanks to the dialogue boosting Voice Zoom function. It cleverly analyses spoken audio and makes it possible to turn up film dialogue or sports commentary without increasing the overall volume.

Simply place the speaker next to you, wherever you are watching your TV and even if your family decide to engage in a debate nearby, you won’t miss a moment of the TV dialogue and can remain in your happy TV bubble while still participating in the family conversation. This comes in handy too when grandparents, parents and children gather to watch TV together, as you can simply bring the sound closer to those who have hearing difficulty by placing the speaker near them.

The Wireless Handy TV Speaker requires no complicated setup – you just connect its dock to the TV and it is all good to go. Better yet, it works with almost any TV and can also act as a remote controller with all key TV functions operated with the neatly placed buttons. Charging the speaker is very easy as well – you simply put it on the provided dock, and a single charge will keep it going for up to 16 hrs. It all makes it an interesting product for people who are not great at dealing with complicated gadgets.

The Sony Wireless Handy TV Speaker comes in a stylish white colour and is available from October in the UK priced £169. For more product information please visit

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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