Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot designed to teach kids from the age of 3 to code and its quite simple even for a novice or a newcomer to coding something which I wish I took up but hey things happen, As of now we have many kids coding getting younger each year and this toy robot could be the begining for your child..


Cubetto is simple and it comes packed equally the same as seen above there is nothing much technical to it apart from having to insert some batteries which are AAA. Cubetto comes with 4 main parts, A map which you lay down on your floor,you will need space because its big,A board which is your control panel so to speak,Blocks which are your codes which in turn talk to the final piece which is the wodden robot which is simplistic and friendly looking. Presentation of the package is also worth noting as seen in the unboxing above.

Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. Montessori approved, LOGO Turtle inspired.

To make the robot move you need to pair up both first which is simple you will require 6 AAA batteries 3 for the robot and 3 for the control board, As you place in the pieces of code you will then see a code form and there will be a blue light indicator on each block and this is how it works througout. I would first suggest iron the creases out of the maps as they are heavy material and the robot can get suck or confused on the folds.

On the control panel you have a queue a function line and a big Blue button which is simply GO. This is the button which talks to the robot.There is 4 coloured blocks Green,Red,Yellow and Blue. Green moves the robot forward,Red is right Yellow is left and Blue is a fucnction excecution.

Cubetto is a great toy and educational and it also gives you valauble time with your kids to sit down and have some fun and there is many maps to discover and you can download them too,personally I am not into coding but I actually enjoyed trying this out and I myslef learned something new and had fun and it was good to see how quick it was for my child to pick up and demo what the robot can do, Like I said there is many more maps to discover,This however came short of some codes which where sent out if you backed this on kickstarter which could add some more fun to the game and it limits the fucntionality of movement even my child asked why cant it move some directions,perhaps they might include these later on but its not really an issue but something I need to point out.


If you are worried about this being a challenge fear not,there is great instructions and Cubetto have great tutorial videos online too so you can check them out should you run into difficulty. After that just sit back learn and enjoy the journey the friendly little robot will take you on with your kids. As much as I like my tech but not one to code this for me was great personally to learn something new be it small and it was good to watch my child learn and then being able to show me a thing or two.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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