TalkTalk announces the launch of the first ever bespoke TV remote for kids. It’s been designed by kids for kids and allows for easy navigation with features like omni-directional infrared, meaning the remote works whatever direction it’s pointed in.

Once the remote is pressed, it instantly locks children into a new Kids Zone, where they can scroll through and select on-demand episodes of kids shows, meaning parents are able to hide shows they don’t want their child watching, and also set scheduled viewing hours.

  • First-of-its-kind remote designed by kids for kids allows easy navigation for little hands and viewing customisation by parents
  • The TalkTalk TV Kids Remote launches on Friday 4th August, bringing the safety and convenience of app-viewing to the TV set

TalkTalk TV has unveiled a first-of-its kind TV remote designed specifically for children. Designed to combat both parents’ and children’s frustrations with standard TV remotes, the TalkTalk Kids TV Remote has been specially designed to allow little hands to easily find their favourite programmes within a safe and secure TV environment.

One press of the unique remote, designed in partnership with OMNI, locks children instantly into a new Kids Zone, where they can simply scroll through and select on-demand episodes of popular kids shows such as Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig and Pingu. Children are unable to leave this safe and secure environment without adult intervention via the master remote.


Launching today, the new TalkTalk TV Kids Zone also allows parents to customise the viewing experience for their child. In the dedicated Parents Area, programmes can be hidden from the children’s playlist.


Viewing hours can also be scheduled; a useful bedtime setting activates a sleepy head icon five minutes before bedtime, counting down the time until the Kids Zone goes to sleep. The smart bedtime setting takes into consideration time left on the episode being watched to either stretch the five minutes or shorten, ensuring the programme can finish avoiding any upset.


The TalkTalk Kids TV Remote was designed in consultation with more than 60 schoolchildren, as well as TalkTalk customers, to ensure the perfect look and functionality for little viewers. The bespoke design of the remote comes complete with omni-directional infrared, meaning the remote works whatever direction it’s pointed in.

Aleks Habdank, Managing Director of TalkTalk TV, said“We’ve ripped up the rule book of standard TV remote design to create something bespoke for kids and families. Research shows that children are watching more TV content via apps because it gives them the control they crave and parents the peace of mind that they’re safely watching age-appropriate content. But research also shows that TV is still kids’ favourite place to watch and now thanks to the TalkTalk TV Kids Remote, kids can choose what they want to watch safe and securely on the main screen.  By giving kids a remote control all of their own, we aim to help the whole family enjoy TV the way they want it.”

The TalkTalk TV Kids Remote has a one-off cost of £5 (batteries included) and the Kids TV Boost is available on a rolling contract for £5 a month.


Commenting on the TalkTalk Kids TV Remote, Child Development Expert and Director of Tommorrow’s child Dr. Jacqueline Harding said,It’s not often I come across an idea that really makes life easier for busy parents and benefits children at the same time. Of course, nothing can substitute your undivided attention with children but we all know there are times when chores just have to be done and the TalkTalk TV Kids Remote is perfect for those moments. It is so important to keep children safe while viewing TV and, this clever device, teaches them little by little how to control their own viewing patterns.

The unique benefits of the TalkTalk TV Kids Remote are:

 Secure and Customisable

  • Once in the Kids Zone children are unable to return to the normal EPG unless a code is entered via the main TV remote
  • The Kids Zone can be customised both on set up and at any time using the main remote
  • Parents are able to hide shows if they do not want their child watching it or want to encourage children to try something new after hearing the same programme on repeat for days

Defined Viewing Hours and Bedtime Setting

  • Viewing hours can be set up for the Kids Zone which includes a bedtime setting
  • Five minutes before bedtime a ‘sleepy head’ icon will appear on screen with a countdown to prepare children that the TV is going to sleep
  • The bedtime setting takes into consideration time left on the episode being watched to either stretch the five minutes or shorten, ensuring the programme can finish to avoid any upset
  • The bedtime setting can also be activated at any time to help prep children for naps or regular bedtime can be cancelled if kids need to be kept up later than usual via the adult TV remote
  • By setting viewing hours the Kids Zone will remain ‘asleep’ outside of these. So if a child finds their way to the TV set outside of hours and presses the TalkTalk Kids TV Remote, only the bedtime screen will show to let the child know that the TV has gone to sleep

Unique Design

  • Little hands can navigate the Kids Zone easily by simply scrolling left or right on the remote to choose a show
  • A simple click on the central button lets them then select the programme and episode they wish to watch
  • Original design includes omni-directional infra-red light, ensuring the remote works no matter the direction the child is holding it

Designed by Kids for Kids

  • The remote took over a year to develop and more than 60 school children were consulted over the design and functionality of the remote
  • All of the colours used on the remote were voted as ‘favourite’ colours by children and the remote was rigorously tested to ensure its durability and ease of use for little hands
  • Each button was designed to withstand 300,000 clicks a year, which took machines four days to complete

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