This is the swiss army knife of watches, it looks & feels strong, rugged for the outdoors with all the trimmings for use where ever you go. This may look like a watch for the great outdoors,or an adventurer’s best friend but if you’re with your mates of a Friday night, heading into a board room meeting, this watch will certainly catch their attention, it looks and feels good, built like a tank and array of features to go with it.
Battery Charging:
First the charging, as with many products we have issues with the different type of chargers its proprietry charging used, Again Cassio have gone with a different type, but what a good choice, Magnetic charging terminal, this clicks to the side of the watch easily, connected / disconnected with out any concentration. Again, they got it right in terms of using a standard USB charger, meaning you could your own phone charger if stuck or if out and about, use a power brick. Recharge time takes Approx. 2 hours, Battery Life (when GPS is not in use) Normal use (colour display): 1 day, roughly Normal use (colour display Auto Off*4): 2 days, roughly. When the battery goes
down to less than 5%, the watch will automatically switch to monochrome LCD watch face and dimmed screen illumination.
What do you get for your money! (just to mention a few)
➢ GPS, Colour Maps which can be used offline, 1.32-inch dual layer display
➢ Colour TFT LCD and monochrome LCD
➢ Capacitive touchscreen,
➢ Sensors Pressure (air pressure, altitude) sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer,
compass (magnetic) sensor
➢ Microphone
➢ Vibrator
➢ BatteryLithium-ion battery
➢ Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth® V4.1 (Low Energy)
➢ Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
➢ Buttons TOOL button, Power button, APP button
Full spec details available at
Size & Weight.
My initial feeling, its Big! until I compared this to a leading fashion brand for the ladies which was similar in cost, but heavier and slightly smaller that this Casio but only gave the time and date.
✓ Size of Case Approx. 61.7mm × 57.7mm × 15.3mm (H × W × D)
✓ WeightApprox. 92g (including watchband)
The Brand – Casio
Founded in 1946, headquartered Tokyo, Japan, they know their stuff about watches.
Will it break easy, as can be used in the outdoors, for trekking, cycling, paddling and even
Again, Casio know their stuff,
✓ Water Resistance to 50 meters
✓ Environmental Durability to MIL-STD-810G (United States military standard issued by
the U.S. Department of Défense And Yes, it comes with an inbuilt torch!
Setting up:
Setting up initially will take time, this is like setting up a new phone, Bluetooth to your phone,copy contacts over, download an app to your phone, (Android Wear) allowing your contacts to be copied to the phone. The Watch was paired to an android phone. Available also on iOS
following models with iOS 9.0 or later: iPhone 5 or later,
Once set up and running, the buttons take a while to get used to. Google maps worked great, (especially as you can download offline maps) with the low-power GPS. This Supports positioning data from three satellites. The array of application in terms of altitude, finding my
phone, fit, fit workout, activity. Play store, translate, weather and the option to download many more app, The Activity option can track activities like snow sports, cycling and fishing giving allot of data on the routes.
This is cool from the App, depending on your mood, on your phone, e.g. watch face, Touch the watch face that you require on your smart phone, this instantly changes via Bluetooth to your phone to have the same watch face. As expected if you get a message e.g. WhatsApp
this beeps on the phone with sender details from your contact listing.
Is it worth the money!
Wether you are into toys for the boys, gadgets or an avid outdoor fan, its got a well packed array
of features, style and technology in one piece of kit.
I have not used this in the great outdoors rather Toys for the boys, I’m a fan,  €499.00

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