I like this Dash cam in terms of the colour, as many of the technology providers provide products in black / white aimed generally at the male market. This 312GW Dash Cam can be used by male & female but targeted to females as per the colour which is great to see the inclusion, this model is also available in the standard black also.


Set up.
The setup is easy, insert SD card, clip on the bracket, plug in and use, the 312GW Dash Cam will work practically straight away the default setting is Miles per hour. ( see video ) Setting Km takes less than a minute. The iN-CAR CAM is set to record video, in files of 3 minutes in length. ( mov format, size approx. 271 MB ) The Time and Date are automatically set upon the camera from satellite data, however it will always set Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Yom may have to adjust for (GMT+ 1 in the summer ). There are 3 modes of camera operation – Video, Photo and Playback. Video Mode: The default mode when the camera is turned on, for video recording. Photo Mode: Allows you to take still photographs. Playback mode: Allows you to view recorded video or photographs upon the dash cam LCD screen. Setting up the menu is straightforward scrolling through the screens..

⦁ Size H5.7, W9.2, D3.7cm.
⦁ Weight 0.1kg.

⦁ 140 degree wide angle view with full 1080p High Definition recording at 30fps
⦁ Ultra clear 2.7” LED display for ease of playback and menu selection
⦁ Six-Element Sharp Lenses made with 6 layers of glass to provide stunning clear images
⦁ Inbuilt G sensor to record force data
⦁ SOS data protection prevents the impact/event recording from being deleted
⦁ Easy to install with 4m 12v power cable and Click & Go window mount included
⦁ Supports SDHC Micro SD cards up to 32GB

Reset button
I like that there is a Reset button on the bottom of the unit should the CAM become unresponsive, I have not experienced this but good to know its available should I need it.

Powered Magnetic Click&Go Mounting
This bracket is excellent, you can remove the Dashcam from the vehicle without having to disconnect any wires, this can be done with 1 hand and easy fitted or removed.

Wi-Fi built in
This allows you to save footage direct to you phone using the app Cam Viewer app. Unfortunately, this has only got 2.3 out of 5 from reviews out of 282 reviews. This may be due to part, buffering when transferring over files from the dashcam to your phone. The app allows Live View, Playback and Upload. The app is compatible with Nextbase NBDVR312GW, NBDVR412GW and NBDVR512GW. You can also connect to a Laptop via USB cable, or remove the SD card from the Dashcam and place into your laptop via an adapter.

Note the memory card is not included, Nextbase do have an option of a card while most manufacturers cards will work if formatted. If you go down the road of getting a brand from eBay etc, this may be a poor choice as the camera records over the original data after approx. 3.7 hours for a 32 Gb card. Cheaper SD card may work for a week or too but could cause issues on play back due to their quality and should the worst happen, you could have not had footage. Nextbase recommend reformat the memory card every 2-3 weeks.

The dashcam has recording of 30fps in 1080p High Definition which is of great quality even when viewed on a 46’’ LED TV. but what’s great about this is the Built-in GPS which give accurate location throughout a journey and speed information. Should an accident occur, the speed and location, date and time is clearly displayed for viewing.

A big decision is which one to go for, depending on your budget, features required,

This is my only gripe with the Nextbase units “Nextbase products players come with a 12-month UK warranty from new” support is available via support@nextbase.co.uk, the product build quality and design is great, but I would prefer Nextbase to stand out from the crowd with a 3-year warranty. Most other brands only give a 1 year warranty also.

We have used dash cams for over a year now, any professional driver would be well advised to use one to cover themselves in the event of an accident. Drivers with L, P, N plates may find it beneficial to review their driving or cover themselves as the instinct would be to blame inexperienced driver for most accidents. Those of you that drive a Motorbike can use the Nextbase RIDE Motorcycle BikeCam .

If money is not an option, Nextbase DUO looks great, (which we have not tested yet!) this has a front and rear dash cam dual lens to offer all round protection on the road. This can view the front like other dash cams, but a second camera has a 50 metre zoom lens and looks back through your rear windscreen to capture details of the cars behind you. This covers you both from the front and back. (Note the storage time drops to 2.4 hours and then records over itself)

I don’t think the decision is getting a Nextbase dashcam rather which one to get. It may be worth purchasing in the likes of Halfords getting the
http://www.halfords.ie/technology/dash-cams/dash-cam-accessories/nextbase-dash-cam-hardwire-kit Nextbase Dash Cam Hardwire Kit €24
This is compatible with 12-24Vdc for car or truck installations, this hardwire kit is permanently wired to into your vehicle which Halfords charge an extra tenner to fit, which is well worth it.

Interesting on the Argos website, they advise regarding the 312GW Dash Cam “97% would recommend to a friend” I certainly would be of that view.

https://www.nextbase.co.uk/dash-cams/312gw-dash-cam RRP Price: £99.99
Nextbase Dash Cam 312GW €106.80


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