SME users include farms, hotels, health surgeries, embassies and even a castle

A recent survey of UK customers by Blink, a leading provider of affordable, wire-free HD home security systems reveals that a high percentage of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are using smart-tech systems to monitor and protect their properties. We here also use such gadjets and find them very usefull and easy to use with little or no tech know how to set such equiment up we can see why these systems are becoming popular.. See our BLINK REVIEW

95 SMEs survey respondents use Blink camera systems to monitor their businesses. This is evidence of an emerging trend of SMEs who are shunning traditionally more expensive and complex business property security measures such as hard-wired, monitored CCTV systems, alarm systems and manned security patrols.

All types of SMEs turning to smart-tech security solutions

The highest proportion of SME respondents (30%) described themselves as “small tech businesses”, followed by “small offices” (17%) and “retail outlets” (12%). SMEs who listed their organisation types as “other” (28%) disclosed what type of business they operate, the range includes: embassies, farms, doctor and dental surgeries, storage facilities, children’s nurseries, hotels, construction sites, landlords, catteries, elderly care homes, police dog kennels and even a castle, all of which are using Blink systems to help secure their business properties.

The average size of the organisation is typically 1 to 5 employees (45%) followed by sole proprietors (28%) and SMEs who have more than 10 employees (20%).

Remote surveillance rated primary reason for purchase

SME respondents rated “keeping an eye on the business while I’m not there” (73%) as the primary reason for having a Blink system at their organisation, followed in second place by “protecting my property from burglary and vandalism” (41%).

Dave Coles, Information Manager, Severndroog Castle elaborated on the use of the Blink technology at the castle: “We rely on technology to underpin and augment the work of our mainly volunteer staff. Our Blink cameras are helping us monitor footfall and provide out of hours security.”

David Laubner, Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce for Blink, comments: “The benefit to small business owners of using Blink cameras to protect their properties is that they are alerted immediately to any unusual activity via their smartphone. Using Blink in isolation or with other security measures gives SMEs owners peace of mind.


View infographic of survey findings:

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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