These blue-turquoise speakers are compact and light, easily portable if on the move, they are also available in black-grey / red-white / white-yellow.

The quality is surprisingly good, the dynamic range and base may not be as good as speakers costing 100s of euro but I suspect 90% of listeners would not notice this. The sound is based on your perspective   attitude.  Play your Spotify which can have low, high and extreme sound quality settings. The normal setting is 96 kbps, the high is 160 kbps and extreme is 320kbps. Apple Music is streamed at 256Kbps in AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format. Until recently, extreme quality was only available on Spotify’s desktop program, but it is now available for iOS as well. Play music from a download web site (we are not endorsing the illegal download of music) which by its nature will have a dubious quality music. There is no point in paying hundreds of euro for speakers and output low quality music to your speakers. If you want HD quality sound, (higher than 44.1 kHz sample rate and/or higher than 16-bit linear bit depth.) invest in appropriate music to your speakers and expensive speakers.




Speaker features:

  • Active stereo speakers
  • Convenient desktop remote
  • Trendy design
  • Lively multimedia sound quality
  • USB powered
  • 6W RMS for powerful bass
  • Practical desktop remote for convenient volume adjustment
  • Metal mesh protection
  • Rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
  • Compact design
  • 1.25m cable
  • Dimensions: 99 × 84 × 101mm (W × D × H)
  • Weight: 400g

Product No.: SL-810002-BETE

Note: These are not wireless connectivity / nor Bluetooth connection.

The power lead is excellent been a USB lead, this means you can plug into your laptop and play music direct, or plug (in this case an iPhone 6s) via the jack plug with the usb direct to a standard phone audio socket. Alternatively, if out an about you can plug directly into the usb lead into a power bank, and the Jack Plug direct in your phone! sorted on the move. (admittedly the cables are a bit short which helps to avoid clutter from the cables, especially when on the move)




The speakers appear sold worldwide which is confirmed by the multiple languages on the instructions (which are of little use), I suspect due to the high volume of manufactured units the bulk orders have improved the quality while reducing the cost.

If you happy with realistic sound then these speakers will fit the bill, this is a speaker that won’t break the bank.   Speedlink SL-810002-BETE Snappy Active stereo speakers (6W RMS) blue-turquoise EUR 19,99 


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