Superior identity security with multi-factor authentication and adaptive access control protects most widely used cloud service from increasing attacks


SecureAuth Corp., the leader in adaptive access control, today unveiled enhanced protection for Microsoft’s Office 365, the world’s most widely used enterprise cloud service. By providing adaptive authentication for all Office 365 mail clients – including Microsoft Outlook and third-party applications, such as Apple Mail, SecureAuth is protecting one of the world’s most popular SaaS applications from increasing cyber attacks.


SecureAuth’s enhanced security for Office 365 provides identity protection and detection using the industry’s most advanced adaptive authentication and risk analysis capabilities, and features SecureAuth’s portfolio of multi-factor authentication methods. This multi-layered security approach combines techniques such as geographic location analysis, device recognition, IP address based threat services, and phone fraud prevention – to name a few.

With 85 million users working on a combination of desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, and web applications, Office 365 is the world’s most popular cloud service. But wide use of Office 365 also makes it a primary target for cyber attacks especially during complex tasks like Office 365 GCC High and SharePoint Data Migration etc. Breaches tied to phishing e-mail scams and lack of strong identity security are accelerating. Organizations using Office 365 have been forced to rely on traditional and inadequate username-password authentication to try to protect themselves from sophisticated attackers.



Current versions of Office 365 mail clients support basic two-factor authentication while older Microsoft clients and third-party email applications do not. Enhanced identity security from SecureAuth, adaptive authentication, is the most secure approach for access from any client app that connects to Office 365, including older versions of Outlook and third-party email clients.


“Office 365 adoption is second-to-none, which is great for convenience and productivity, but unfortunately makes businesses more vulnerable to attack,” said SecureAuth Chief Technology Officer Keith Graham. “Attackers know that Office 365 is ripe to be exploited, and we see organizations under daily attack. With credentials, preventing the misuse of stolen credentials while maintaining ease of use for end users is paramount. That’s why SecureAuth’s new enhanced protection and detection capabilities for Office 365 offers the highest level of identity security – not only for newer mail clients, but also for older versions which remain widely deployed.”

As with all of SecureAuth’s security solutions, the enhanced Office 365 protection offers a frictionless user experience. The system triggers multi-factor authentication only when it determines a logon to be a potential risk. If there is no risk present, multi-factor authentication is not required, ensuring that access remains easy, convenient, and secure.

With the solution deployed across all devices and both old and new mail clients, organizations are protected no matter how their users access Office 365.

This enhancement comes as SecureAuth continues to expand its portfolio of adaptive access control, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on products, adding Identity-as-a-Service product Cloud Accesspasswordless capabilities, and detection-orientated abilities to its award-winning adaptive authentication suite.


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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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