The first observation on the packaging, this product is designed for the world marked with a variety of languages on the box. The word Discovery Calm stands out. This was reviewed using an iPhone 6s.  (There is an android version also)

I have used other fitness / activity type units but this one gets big thumbs up for the Wireless charging plate, no messing with USB charger leads fitting into the back of the unit, Battery life states up to seven days. This is possible under ideal conditions; my battery was less than this. (possible as I leave my phone away from me at night, Bluetooth using the battery). Charge time is three hours. Another great positive is the design, as designed to withstand an accidental trip through the washing machine. 

This has not been tested but great to see the basics sorted. Again, the design team have got this right in terms of wearing which can be clipped onto your pants (or ladies to their bra) to track steps, calories and respiratory patterns. After a day or 2 of use, you can forget its attached due to the small size and weight.  Again, if you lose the Spire in the house there is an option via the app to “Vibrate my Spire”. If your Spire is within Bluetooth range, approx. 10 meters, the “Vibrate my Spire” button will rock back and forth when you tap on it.




  • Spire stone
  • Cork-based wireless charging pad with USB passthrough
  • USB cable
  • User manual


Science behind the Spire:

Spire is based on psychophysiology—how the brain and body interact. Your state of mind causes a cascade of physiological and hormonal changes throughout your body.

The manufacturers advice based on seven years of research into the science of breath your state of mind affects how you breathe. But how you breathe can also change your state of mind. For example, studies have uncovered how slow, deep and consistent breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase the flow of endorphins in your blood stream.



What does the Spire (with the app) do?

  • Spire measures your breathing and provides feedback for a more focused and calm day
  • When you’re breathing indicates tension, a gentle notification reminds you to stop and take a deep breath.
  • The included iOS app can guide you in short, simple exercises or mini-meditations to increase focus, calm and productivity.
  • Clip the Spire stone unobtrusively onto your pants or bra to track steps, calories and respiratory patterns.


The App:

The app is available via the Apple App store for iPhone, Spire Breath + Activity Tracker

This has a Rating: 3 out of 5 from 15 reviews the app is also available for android.  On android, this has 5,000 – 10,000 installs with a rating of 3.3 out of 5 from 172 reviews

Within the app there is Pep talk under Boosts – 7-11 breath, calm, eat, work, these are motivation exercises, teaching you how to e.g. take proper breath. These are calming and interesting to listen too..



The app advised, it gives Gentle reminders,

The spire can be set to vibrate after a set time if your tense / calm / focused / active. Spire notifies you via the app on your iPhone or iPad when you’re tense, need to take a deep breath, have just experienced an extended streak of calm and more.

Guided boosts

Visualise your breath while listening to guided exercises from recognised experts on breathing, calm and focus. Unlock new boosts as you gain mastery.


Understand the rhythms of your day with contextual tools for discovering what makes you calm, focused or tense.

Activity tracking included.

Step and calorie tracking are built in to balance both your body and your mind.




iPhone Models, iPhone 4s & newer, iPad (3rd generation) and newer, iPod touch 5th Generation and newer

Watch Models 38mm Case, 42mm Case

This would be great to use with the watch models allowing the calmness without always been connected to your phone.




The warranty is for One year. This is one my pet hates, one year while many brands give a 3-year warranty on their products.

This device is great when the app is working but on occasions the app stopped working, closing the app and restarting resolved this.


Note: This is not a fitness tracker but a mindfulness tracker.


It is worth it:

When it comes to your health, cost etc. should not be a factor. The Spire measures breathing patterns and analyses to advise if your Tense, Calm, focused with notifications, reminding you to stop and take a deep breath, it give you options to listen to short and simple mini-meditations designed to increase calm and productivity and tracks activity, steps and calories. The meditations and exercises are quite relaxing. Currently when we are on the go, stress and busy lives can take over, this spire has the Technology to highlight our patterns, hopefully this gives us a warning to highlight when we are tense, being forewarned is forearmed for your health.


Available from:  £99.95     30-day money back guarantee

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