With an unsual shape and different from the norm our friends at mobile fun have sent these in for testing and we will check them out and tell you what we thought about them..

Simple and sleek you could say with an unusal look on the ears but futursitic one might say the Ghostek come packaged in a simple manner,nothing to extravogant nor nothing undesribale sure most of discard of the packaging anyway but here is what to expect when you get it delivered….. Contents included….



The Main Features 

Ghostek’s EarBlade’s Amazing Sound Lets You Listen To Your Beats While Working Out
IP66 Water Resistant Lets You Run & Sweat As Much As You Want Without Skipping a Beat
The Ghostek EarBlade’s Come With Bluetooth 4.1 Technology Which Provides Crisp Clear Sound
Connect the EarBlade’s to Virtually Any Bluetooth Enabled Device from A Distance of 30-Feet
The Ear Hook Is Flexible & Curves to Your Ear to Sit Comfortably & Securely
EarBlade’s Have an Aerodynamic Design to Reduce the Drag on Your Performance
Easily Control the Volume of Your Calls & Music, Answer & End Calls, Hold or Reject Calls, Switch Songs or Call Waiting All From the EarBlades without Touching Your Device
1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty Direct from Ghostek





They look odd if im honest but futuristic to an extent something in the lines of star trek and thats not a bad thing and again its something different than whats considered the norm so for me thats fine I like different things to what others have and not be part of a particular fan brigade…




They are comofrtable like any headphone similar and also compact and can be easily tucked away in a shirt pocket for exapmle or even your trousers or whatever you wear thats if you dont fancy them danlgling around your neck whislt not in use after some time wering them you will actually forget they are there but I am not the type to like something around my neck for a long period of time but as I said you would over time forgt about them and probably wonder where they are and have that blonde moment after rooting around and there they are …. You get two sets of ear tips to suit your ears and one comes fitted ,I however am not a fan of these but felt comfortable enough with these on and using the smaller sized tips.


Minimal and simple what more do you need. All buttons placed on one side which is the right side with two small buttons to navigate volume,calls and tracks its easy to get the idea of how this works and again like most present similar headsets on the market..There is Micro USB charging and again on the same side at the end of the earpiece which is nicely discreet and has a good closure on the flap to keep it sealed. There is also an indicator light on the same side which shows charge and power status…




Sound quality 

Not bad but not loud for me however as most know Im the one that likes it loud even though its probably not the best thing for my ears but overall the sound is fine crisp and clear and for the average person you will be perfectly fine but the real audiophiles would notice the lack of whoomp in them, Given I have around 20 pairs of headphones/earphones I found them on the low side but this does not qualify me as an audio expert neither..


Build quality

They are tough I will giveem that, Flexible,robust and do not foroget waterproof.. These will take a hammering in fact and are well made all round ,they are sealed pretty good and are light and very maliable they can twist and turn no matter what way you like and remain solid…..


Overall for the money you will get a decent waterproof pair of headphones that look different to the norm so I would not be complaining if I had them bought as a gift or if you wanted a spare pair lying aorund they do the job,stand out and are now priced well at €48 at the time of review..




By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.