People with disabilities may find it quite hard to communicate or to live independently, depending on the nature of the impairment(s) with which they are living. Abilities such as speech, hearing and mobility could be affected, and these are things which able-bodied people can easily take for granted. However, advancements in technology have led to the creation of apps which make the world more ‘accessible’ for people living with disabilities.

In the infographic below from Home Healthcare Adaptations , you can see 10 such apps which aim to give sensually impaired people greater independence. There are apps for the hard of hearing, people with sight loss, people with developmental displays, people with dementia and people with limited mobility.

Among the apps featured are Tap, Tap, See, with which visually impaired people can take a photo of an item and the app will tell them what it is; Medisafe, which delivers an easily understandable reminder of what medication needs to be taken and when; and Wheelmap, an app which grades the accessibility of amenities and transport in your location with a simple color-coded system.

Anything which can help to make the lives of people with disabilities a bit easier should be embraced, which is why these apps are very worthy of your attention and belong on the devices of anyone who has a disability or lives with someone who does.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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