Gallery Gaurdian is an app all parents need. #Parenting #Protection #Safety

With more and more younger kids now owning mobile phones this is an app you need to have some peace of mind..

The app basically protects your kids from images they should not see,be it what they share or what they receive..

The parent and child downloads the app pairs up the childs device and it scans for inappropriate material… With the explosion of messaging apps and private messaging we really need to keep an eye on the content our children view and receive and with more and more kids younger getting mobile phones or access to them its vital we keep an eye on things…


This unique app has systematic software that scans your child’s images and detects nudity or partial nudity, sending you an alert so you can take the appropriate action.
With the threat of cyber bullying, teenage sexting and many other risks for children with a smartphone, parents can now rely on a trusted and innovative solution so they can act before it
becomes a problem. Gallery Guardian helps you monitor your child’s online activity and keep them and their friends safe.



How it works
Gallery Guardian is easy to setup and use. The app resides on the parent and child’s devices. If the app detects a suspicious image it alerts the parent. No images are shown or sent to the parent. The parent then takes the appropriate action as they see fit.

Privacy matters
When suspicious content is detected by the algorithm, the location of the image is noted and a push notification is fired off to the parent device. Privacy is always maintained as no images are shown to the parent.

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