It is intended for Blackberry devices only but there is a way to fix that for most Android devices…

One thing that bugs the hell out of me is people snooping at what I look at on my phone,be it in a queue a friends house or whatever the situation maybe it just annoys me and I am sure it would have happened to most people. Blackberry has a new app which is really intended for Blackberry devices but there is a way to use it on other devices and its free and also handy to stop prying eyes..If you are the owner of a large device this would be particularity helpful..


Privacy Shade prevents people around you from seeing your screen by blocking out everything except for a small view area that you control, while still letting you interact with the full screen.
• Turn on Privacy Shade to control the visibility of sensitive content.
• View and send sensitive content while in the open without letting others around you see your private information.
• Use Privacy Shade to only expose the exact area you’re reading or typing in.
• Adjust the transparency of the shade to suit your environment.



If you are using a non Blackberry device you can download Blackberry Manager APK which is safe and then download the Privacy Shade App via the manager app its a simple process and works a treat on several devices I have tried aside my Blackberry devices.

Download HERE  

Alternatively you could try Screen Guard 

Written by Jim O Brien/CEO

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