In the world we live in, YouTube is one of the big Media elements in our lives, but the “Social” factor, even though is supposed to be part of the name sometimes is not actually true.

Whether is in your phone, laptop or tablet, sharing a video you found with your friends is never an “easy” task.

And there is where Uptime shines




Usually part of what makes it hard, is that they need to be next to you in order for you to show them.

But there’s no need of that any more (at least partially) thanks to the guys at Area 120, a Google project that invites its own employees to develop new ideas through startups.

The premise is simple , yet really useful. You simply need to sign in with your Google account and using a Snapchat look-a-like interface, you can watch a video and you’ll find a bubble image with your friends face (they need to have the app too) around the edges so you can connect with them and start interacting with them.

Lets hear from the creators..

There’s one down side at this moment, the app is only available on iOS which is really weird if you think that is a Google app.

Although it should be ready to hit the Android ecosystem soon.

You can get the app over the ITunes Store HERE

 What do you think about it? Will you give it a try?

Let us know your experience and share videos with us over twitter with the invite code.





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