We know that LG has a strong relationship  with Google, since the release of the V20 as the first phone with Android 7.0 and now seeing the G6 as the first not Pixel phone to get the Google Assistant, we can clearly expect lots of promotional bundles.


Just Today the US got the Pre-order availability for the phone and if that wasn’t enough, LG is giving away a new Google Home to start your Smart House if you haven’t already completely free.

Right now, the option is can be found over the LG page with all the major US carriers and even BestBuy with Unlock version soon to come as well.

The promotion will last until April 30, so you have until  then to purchase the device and be eligible to redeem you gift. 

Having a connected home is really important and useful these days, so it’s a good opportunity to update your tech game if you need to.

You’ll be getting two of the best Smart accessories on the market at this point.

So tell us, if you’re from the US, will you seize this promotion? Have you order yours already?

Let know your thoughts on the comment section below or hit us over twitter.




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