After some success in the UK, Red Squared Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of ‘ the entrepreneurs’ call kit’ in Ireland.

Avant-Garde Technology 

CallBrix is an innovative cloud phone solution for startups or expanding businesses. When selecting business services an entrepreneur has three concerns: Will it be reliable?; How much will it cost?; And, can it easily adapt and scale? Existing phone solutions address the first concern but, in our opinion, fall short with pricing and flexibility.

CallBrix is different, it offers an extensible solution; designed to adapt with your business’ size and/or requirements. Kick-start using CallBrix for free, and only pay as you grow (for the monthly cost of two pints you can equip a small office). Its simple ‘elastic pricing‘ model coupled with a unique ‘snap and build’ web technology makes configuration child’s play. With just a few clicks you can make adjustments to your complete phone infrastructure and budget.

And that’s not all folks…There is no contract period either! Start and stop the service whenever, wherever!. You will not be tied to any broadband/phone provider. This makes it easy to have remote workers, (even in different countries).

You see, this is a solution designed for startups and entrepeneurs from the ground up.

Real-Time Chop n’ Change 

Grow your CallBrix platform in a matter of minutes, like you would a building made out of Lego™ blocks. Needing no special hardware, your call tool kit is in the cloud enabling you to do everything using just a web browser. Simply slide the call capacity bar ‘on the fly’ to increase call volume then ‘drag and drop’ any new features, phone numbers, or extensions onto your workspace and connect together. It really is that easy! To achieve the same configuration results using other systems is costly, confusing and time consuming. The CallBrix method of ‘snap and build’ gives you total control over your call flow design without the need of a middleman to set things up for you. The result is a simple call diagram allowing you to configure only what you require, and even better, to pay only for the capacity you need. … Did we mention it’s super fun too 🙂

Sales Intelligence

DIY marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost. CallBrix understands the importance of call analytics to optimise your sales process. Counters are in place to automatically collect data for every phone number and additional counters can be included wherever you wish, using our simple ‘snap and build’ technology. The result is beautiful call graphs with powerful, comparative analysis displaying data from anywhere in your calls’ flow.

Beat Brexit Blues

If you are looking to spread Brexit risk by having a presence in other markets, such as France, Germany or US (supporting 50 countries). CallBrix can help you achieve this in two ways. The first, by enabling you to work from anywhere. Employers can pool teleworking talent from abroad with local knowledge and language. And the second, by offering international numbers. Now your customers can call local numbers that will be diverted free of charge to you in whichever country you are in. The state-of-the-art platform allows you a ‘global presence’ with a centralised system that speeds up efficiency and  promotes customer satisfaction.

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About callbrix.

Red Squared Ltd is a small Irish company based in Dublin. One of the first companies to bring
VoIP(Voice Over IP) to the Irish market. Since 2005 we have been developing voice applications to help the small and micro business market in the UK and Ireland.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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