The Nokia 3,5 and 6 are coming to Ireland. #Nokia #HMDGlobal #Ireland

Since announcement a few weeks ago, the response has been positive.. 

As we all now know Nokia are back in the game and they have brought a few new devices to market and they are set to go on sale in Q2. As of now there is no exact date, Since the launch people have been in touch asking about the new devices and if there was any info at hand due to me being a huge Nokia fan and I have also been asked if I will sport the new devices and of course the answer is YES…

I have reached out to all the networks regarding the matter as many folk on local forums are questioning the availability of the 3 new devices since other countries are now showing details and here is the response I got today from all three networks but stay tuned for updates over the coming weeks..



If you need anymore on the new NOKIA devices head over HERE

For NOW – Three have stepped up to the plate and have confirmed that all Three of the new Android devices will be launching on their network but Meteor and Vodafone have no concrete answer just yet…








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